DOE at Kpop Nite TX in Austin: Rookie Soloist, Veteran Skills! Interview and Photos


On April 30, Kpopwise had the pleasure of enjoying the company of soloist DOE in Austin, Texas.

DOE is a multitalented soloist, artist and entrepreneur with a hunger for self-expression. Many artists focus on just one area until later in their career. However, in DOE's case, he is a rookie working in the USA with a humble and positive vibe while striving for perfection. With the cool, collected confidence of a veteran, he wowed the crowd at KPOP NITE TX during his exhaustive one-hour solo set.

Cocktail, anyone? DOE’s setlist included fan favorites such as his original track “Cocktail” and covers of more established artists ranging from Gdragon, Zico, Jay Park, BTS and ONEUS.

DOE effortlessly charmed and captivated the audience with plenty of interaction: selfies on fans’ phones directly from the stage, and eye contact. One fan even enjoyed a personal happy birthday on their special day.

At the end of the night, Kpopwise sat down with DOE to ask him a few questions.

Please introduce yourself first.

My name is DOE, aka AWURA aka MIXXBLU. 
MIXXBLU is my DJ name, AWURA is used for other areas of music, and DOE is used in other miscellaneous types of art. 
I also own my own entertainment company, fashion brand and studio...
Just! Simply! 
I’m working on the arts side as an entertainer and businessman as DOE but also focusing on my career as a musician under the performance names AWURA and MIXXBLU.

How did you become interested in music and performing?

Just naturally! I think my mom influenced me a lot. Becuase she loves music, I started learning piano when I was six. It started like this.
What inspired you to do a solo tour of the United States?
This tour is my second tour. Because I promised to come back to my fans on the first tour, I promised to meet them wherever they lived, whether there were many people or not, so I planned a second tour to keep my promise. 
Umm...actually the first tour was like, suddenly I came here. The reaction in the US was better than I expected! So...I came back because I wanted to feel the hot response again.

What types of music would you like to experiment with in the future?

Actually, I love all genres of music,

Musicals! Wow!
You’re already a DJ. Is there a DJ schedule for this tour?

For this tour I have plans to showcase electronic music, k-pop and hip-hop at my after party and clubs.

Who is your dream artist to collaborate with?

There are so many...umm...Jay Park, G-Dragon, Simon Dominic, Crush, Chris Brown, Tyga, Post Malone, Ne-Yo, Travis Scott, 21 Savage, Alina Baraz, August Alsina, Justin beiber...If I had to choose one artist, then maybe Tyga?

What is it about them? Is it the artistry, aura, production style…

Musically, I think a catchy lyric style or addictive melody is important. As an artist, I think it's important to know yourself well and make good use of your strengths to make music and performances. And I think they are really good at both.

What other types of artistry do you wish to express yourself though? For example: acting, painting, writing. You already have your clothing brand - what else would you like to try aside from that?

Hmmn...let me think...

So you haven’t discovered it yet?

HAHA I was thinking about how to respond.
I'm a person who puts things into practice as soon as I have something I want to do. If there is something I want to learn, I will learn and if I want to draw, I will draw...and if I want to go on a tour in America, I'll actually go. Like now!
I mean...I’m not just thinking. Always doing. So I don't have to try to discover something. I just plan and try to do it as fast as I can.

You're very humble and focused on your career. What kinds of things keep you motivated and grounded?

I don't chase money. I think money comes naturally when I try to achieve my goals and dreams. So I focus on the dream.
I don't think I can suddenly change the irrational or bad things that exist in the world at once by trying alone. 
However, if I continue to deliver positive vibes to people, and have healthier and happier interactions with my fans who love me and colleagues who work hard for me, I just think, "Wouldn't it be possible?"
I think these kinds of things are my motivation. 

What kinds of things can fans expect from you in the future?

In short, more than one piece of music will be released during this tour!
One of them is music for the fans, and in the middle of the song, I'll narrate what I want to say to fans like a letter.
And In the long run, I will be a better person and I will have more fans, haha 
I was kidding because I knew it was the last question. 

Before I finish the interview, I want to say something.

Yes, feel free to talk!

I will always try to be a better person for my fans who love me and my colleagues who work hard for me. 
Also, please know that I support and love you guys as much as you guys support and love me. 

Please anticipate a lot of activities from DOE here in the US up until the end of October of this year. And If you haven’t yet, go and see him at one of the many events that he still has in store all across the US!

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