Girls' Generation to Make an August Comeback for 15th Anniversary

Girls' Generation to Make an August Comeback for 15th Anniversary

It's not a drill this time, veteran group Girls' Generation (SNSD) will finally make a comeback this August to celebrate their 15-year anniversary! 

According to 10ASIA, The group Girls' Generation will release a new album to commemorate the 15th anniversary of their debut in August.

Girls' Generation, who debuted in August 2007 with the single 'Into the New World', celebrates their 15th anniversary this year, and is expected to get a lot of attention as they plan to release a new album for fans who have supported them for a long time.

You can watch a remastered version of the classic debut music video here! 

In particular, this album is more meaningful as it is a comeback in about 5 years since the regular 6th album 'Holiday Night' was released in August 2017, and as a full album with all 8 members.

In addition, Girls' Generation plans to appear on various TV shows and standalone reality programs to commemorate the release of their 15th-anniversary album, raising expectations.

Since their debut, Girls' Generation has recorded hits for every song they release, such as 'Girls' Generation', 'Gee', 'Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)', and 'Lion Heart', making them a Legend Girl. It proved the overwhelming status and power of the group.

In addition, as the group received a lot of love for their diverse music colors through unit and solo activities, this album is also expected to set the tone for the summer music industry with its unique music and stage.

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