The History and Growth of Kpop Fansign Video Calls


Due to the global situation in 2020, Kpop idol and fan interactions changed for the foreseeable future, but not all hope would be lost. While in-person fansigns ceased for a couple of years to prevent any potential spread of COVID-19, companies adapted and turned this loss into a global innovation: fansigns in the form of video calls. Although this does not appear to be a major change, virtual fansigns allowed international Kpop fans to participate in exclusive events that were physically impossible to join before the pandemic. Let’s explore the history and implementation of the fansign video calls. 

The first group to develop this trend during the pandemic is MCND! On March 11, 2020, Top Media posted images detailing the event and how it would take place.

The selected winners could speak with the MCND members one by one as the phone for the call was passed to each member. Following the fansign, the albums shipped to the fans with a signed copy for the winners.

This system became majorly popular among companies as other idols such as EXO's Suho and Sejeong followed suit the days after.

Over two years later, even with the return of offline fansigns, video calls remain the norm with international fans joining for the chance to win. At the same time, these virtual interactions are easier to share than ever! Fans can share their experiences with others on social media and show a new side to their favorite idols.

What are your thoughts on fansign video calls? Have you won a call before? Let us know in the comments or on our social media at @Kpopwise!

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