JUNNY Releases Retro R&B Fusion 'Color Me' Featuring Chungha

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All-rounder musician JUNNY has released a special collaboration, ‘Color Me' featuring Chungha

JUNNY has returned with a retro R&B fusion special collaboration single, ‘Color Me’, today on June 23, showing synergy with Chungha. The pre-release single creates excitement and expectation for the upcoming regular full-length album. 

‘Color Me’ is a song which describes people falling in love and changing themselves as a canvas being filled with various colors. This song inspires listeners through its lyrics as it is telling a story about the canvas -myself-filling with colors of “red, orange, yellow, green, navy and purple.”

Some of top-ranked producers have all gathered and improved the quality of the song: The composer, MinGtion who has worked with JUNNY for a long time and also composed NCT, Taeyeon and Red Velvet’s songs, the producer No2zcat who has still been working with JUNNY since his last album Movie, Sutt and Iyro who have added psychedelic sound to electronic-vibed music.

‘Color Me’ specifically shows JUNNY’s new charming points by blending R&B and Retro Pop genres. Also, a different melody line is added and people can check JUNNY’s growth and improvement especially in terms of his music life.

Listeners will be able to enjoy ‘Color Me’ since the song has been more enriched through Chungha’s refined and unrivaled voice who supported JUNNY’s new song with featuring.

Watch the Music Video For 'Color Me' here! 

JUNNY’s regular full-length album is expected to raise expectations through this single; JUNNY’s comeback is 1 month after releasing his first pre-release song ‘Get ya! (겟 야!) (Feat.pH-1)’.

JUNNY’s new single ‘Color Me (feat. Chungha)’ can be enjoyed on various online music streaming websites 

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