Monthly Roundup May 2022: BÉBE YANA, BOYHOOD, HWA YEON, and HELLO GLOOM

BÉBE YANA - "Space Mulan" 

On May 15, dropped a pre-release track from her 1st EP  called "Space Mulan." The lyrics and arrangement are made by BÉBE YANA  herself. Check out the unique futuristic visuals in the music video below. Her album is expected to release this June. 


BOYHOOD - "Far Away"

Singer BOYHOOD is back with his new single "Far Away."  

"I can't forget it, but it became an unbearably painful memory that one day it would eventually fade away and disappear."


Hwa Yeon - "Blossom" 

Former ShaFLA member makes her solo debut with the single "Blossom" on May 1. The song was composed by HYBE's CEO Bang Sihyuk. The lyrics are described to express a woman's heart fluttering with flowers at the beginning of love. You can also catch Hwa Yeon performing "Blossom" on weekly music shows. 

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Hello Gloom  - "Young Boy"

The Faker Club member Hello Gloom returns with his 1st EP [ Because I Was Young Boy ] Check out the luxurious visuals in the music video accompanying the song 'Young Boy.' 

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