XG Announce Their 2nd Single MASCARA for June Release

Only three months after their official debut, the girl group XG announced their long-awaited return with the single “MASCARA”, scheduled for June 29. The new song aims to show a message of empowerment and self-confidence for the next generations and will show the union, compassion, and courage, qualities that capture XG’s essence.

Managed by the international company XGALX, XG debuted in March 2022 with the single “Tippy Toes”, whose MV already surpassed 16 million views on YouTube. The release shook the industry with the exceptional performances and style that transcends the barriers of K-POP and J-POP. The mixture of hip-hop and R&B created an original sound highlighting each member’s individual talent, including intense vocals and energetic raps, followed by a whispered chorus.

Along with the announcement, the new concept photos were also released. XG brings a sophisticated and powerful image, boosting even more XG’s already known fearless and bold image. With “MASCARA”, XG seeks to expand your musical and writing horizons, exploring and evoking the confidence reinforced by the message in the chorus “don’t mess with my mascara”.

“MASCARA” will be released on June 29 at midnight Japan time and the MV at 6 pm on the same day. A CD Box of the 2nd single will be available for sale. The journey with “Tippy Toes” was just the beginning, and now “MASCARA” is the next step for the group that made everyone curious about what is coming next. 

【2nd Single 「MASCARA」】


Release on June 29, 2022

“MASCARA” brings an empowerment and self-confidence message for the next generations and will show the union, compassion, and courage of the group members. The chorus “don’t mess with my mascara” captures XG’s fearless and bold essence. No one will make them cry. 


XG, an abbreviation for Xtraordinary Girls, is a seven-member girl group with influences of Hip hop and R&B. The group consists of JURIN, CHISA, HARVEY, HINATA, JURIA, MAYA, and COCONA. 

On March 18, 2022, they became the first artists to debut under the XGALX label. XG aims to empower young people around the world with innovative songs and performances regardless of their life paths.


XGALX is a global entertainment company that aims to produce artists with a view of a bold creative culture. Through XGALX Project, the company wishes to convey positive messages of self-assertion, focus, and perseverance.

“Focus on your dreams and don’t stop until you make them come true.”

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Source: KoreaIN

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