Ailee Does Not Renew Contract And Will Leave The L1ve


Singer Ailee will leave The L1ve at the end of this month, which is when it turns a year since she joined the label. The entertainment agency founded by Ravi of VIXX released the information on July 29. 

Singer Ailee was the first artist to sign the contract with The L1ve, but did not renewed hiring with the agency. The company revealed that it is extremely grateful for the services offered by the artist and that the singer has always shown the best on stage. In addition, the label disclosed that despite the termination of the contract, the company will always support Ailee. 

The L1ve represents various musical genres. Mamamoo singer Wheein is also another celebrity who is part of the entertainment agency. 

Ailee debuted in 2012 with the single "Heaven". Music became a phenomenon and the singer's vocal power impressed everyone.

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Pedro Martoly

Pedro is a Brazilian journalist who decided not only to write for his country but for the whole world. He's been following Korean culture since 2010. That's when he fell in love with the Girls Generation group. Pedro has worked on a television program, radio, and several news and curiosities websites.

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