All Members of TWICE Renew Their Contracts with JYP

All Members of TWICE Renew Their Contracts with JYP

It has today July 12, been announced that all nine members of JYP Entertainment girl group TWICE have renewed their contracts to go past this year.

In a statement released earlier, this is what the company had to say:

"All members of TWICE have renewed their contracts with us ahead of the exclusive contract expiration date in the fall. TWICE, who have played a major role in establishing the status and prestige of K-Pop Entertainment company JYP and the company, who have been a source of support for TWICE’s growth and development as a representative girl group, agreed to renew contracts with each other based on this mutual trust."

Fans have been wondering for some time about whether the group would renew their contracts, especially members Jeongyeon and Mina, who have suffered from anxiety and mental health issues over the years.

With leader Nayeon making her solo debut just last month, it's now believed that the groups members may start finally doing solo work and sub-unit work going ahead.

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