ATBO Debuts with "Monochrome (Color)"

IST Entertainment's new debut boy group - ATBO - formed through the recent survival show "The Origin - A, B, Or What?" - has finally arrived with their brand new song "Monochrome (Color)".

"Monochrome (Color)" is the title track from the group's debut mini-album, "The Beginning : 開花".

The other five songs also included are "7IBE (VIBE)", "Graffiti", "High Five", "WoW", and the signal song from their survival show, "RUN".

The group, formed of members Junseok, Junmin, Hyunjun, Rakwon, Seunghwan, Yeonkyu, and Bin, has been in the news in the lead-up to their debut for a few reasons now.

First of all was due to the group's original name. The original name for the group - ABO - needed to be changed due to the negative connotations the name has with Australia's First Nations populations.

The next issue the group had was with former member Donghwa, who voluntarily left the group following posts circulating online regarding misconduct during the trainees school days.

However, the group has now debuted to a highly anticipatory fanbase (BOAT).

You can check out "Monochrome (Color)" below:

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