OnlyOneOf's KB's Solo Single 'be free' Teaser Continues Story of Yoojung's 'begin'


The sensational story of the group OnlyOneOf Kyubin began.

8D Entertainment posted a music video teaser video for the title song 'be free' of the album 'undergrOund idOl #2' featuring Kyubin and Yoojung on the official SNS at 12am KST on July 13.

The video contains some of the attractive sound sources of 'be free'. In particular, the 'be free' melody and the unique bromance of Kyubin and Yoojung harmonize to add uniqueness. In addition, Kyubin's muscular body was revealed, drawing a lot of attention.

Kyubin's 'be free' is an extension of Yoojung's 'begin' released on the 27th of last month. While the special worldview of OnlyOneOf freed from restraints and prejudices in 'begin' unfolds, 'be free' raises questions about how it will capture the hearts of listeners.

OnlyOneOf drew attention with the 'undergrOund idOl' project, which expresses the bottom or inner side of the idols shining on stage. It is said that through 'undergrOund idOl', the members of OnlyOneOf release a solo single every month with a sexy and urban flair. Accordingly, fans' expectations for OnlyOneOf's 'undergrOund idOl' are increasing day by day.

Meanwhile, Kyubin plans to continue releasing content related to 'be free' in the future.

Check out the teaser video for 'be free' below! 

Source: ffneews

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