Benny Blanco Talks About 'Bad Decisions' and 'fangirling' Over BTS in The Julia Show Interview

Benny Blanco Talks About 'Bad Decisions' and 'fangirling' Over BTS in The Julia Show Interview

On a recent episode of The Julia Show on Audacy Benny Blanco talked about his first BTS concert experience and how he "fangirled" meeting them; “It’s the craziest thing you’ll ever see in your life... And then I got a chance to go meet them in the back, and I fangirled as one does. And I said one of those things, like casually, like ‘oh yeah, we should make a song together.’ And they were like ‘yeah,’ not thinking much of it." [segment begins 01:30]

He also talked about being nervous about BTS' fans liking the music video for "Bad Decisions" [05:15],  about the music video's concept Blanco commented that everyone has been a fan of someone and how relatable it is. 

When asked about the most interesting gifts he's received, it included receiving hundreds of watermelons [07:15], at the end of the interview and teased an upcoming promo involving a naked man [09:00].

If you haven't seen it yet,  Julia also spoke with J-hope about his epic Lollapalooza performance. Check it out below! 

Source:  Audacy's The Julia Show

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