Benny Blanco Talks About 'Bad Decisions' and 'fangirling' Over BTS in The Julia Show Interview

On a recent episode of The Julia Show on Audacy Benny Blanco talked about his first BTS concert experience and how he "fangirled" meeting them; “It’s the craziest thing you’ll ever see in your life... And then I got a chance to go meet them in the back, and I fangirled as one does. And I said one of those things, like casually, like ‘oh yeah, we should make a song together.’ And they were like ‘yeah,’ not thinking much of it." [segment begins 01:30]

He also talked about being nervous about BTS' fans liking the music video for "Bad Decisions" [05:15],  about the music video's concept Blanco commented that everyone has been a fan of someone and how relatable it is. 

When asked about the most interesting gifts he's received, it included receiving hundreds of watermelons [07:15], at the end of the interview and teased an upcoming promo involving a naked man [09:00].

If you haven't seen it yet,  Julia also spoke with J-hope about his epic Lollapalooza performance. Check it out below! 

Source:  Audacy's The Julia Show

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