CRAVITY Talks Upcoming Music, Club Dance Moves and More in Audacy Interview

CRAVITY Talks Upcoming Music, Club Dance Moves and More in Audacy Interview

Boy group CRAVITY attended KCON over the weekend and during their visit in the U.S, they were invited to visit Audacy to have another interview. In the interview, they discussed their new English language song Boogie Woogie, their upcoming 4th mini album New Wave dropping this September, their travel must-haves, and more. 

Check out the interview here! 

Here are some time stamps: 

[01:40] -- First time in LA for many of them

[02:00] -- Honored to be next generation of K-Pop and Pop

[02:35] -- Mini-album in September, when to expect another full-length album

[03:30] -- What to expect from the new mini-album, surpass their last album, keep fans on their toes

[03:55] -- Their first English single, "Boogie Woogie"; go-to dance moves

[05:00] -- Bucket list items; Collaboration wishlist: The Chainsmokers, Lauv, Benee

[06:50] -- What they've learned since their debut

[08:10] -- Favorite memories in the U.S.: calmness, burgers

[09:25] -- Travel must-haves: Air Pods, money, Nintendo Switch

[10:00] -- Comfort foods

Are you ready for CRAVITY's comeback? Stay tuned to @KpopWise for more content about your favorite Kpop idols! 

Source: Audacy

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