[Exclusive Interview] GreatGuys on Their New Single 'Blind Love', Vampires, Appreciation For Their Fans, and More

GreatGuys Blind Love
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GreatGuys (멋진녀석들) of DNA Entertainment recently returned with their fourth mini album We're Not Alone Final: Only You on July 20. KpopWise connected with the group again to discuss the latest album. 

KW: Can you tell us about your new EP We’re Not Alone Final: Only You and what it means to you? 
We're Not Alone Final: Only You album is the last of the We're Not Alone series which began in 2019, and means that we, GreatGuys exist only for Grace (fan name)  and can exist because of Grace. Through a meeting with the members, we chose the concept and made the song.  'Blind Love' is a song about feelings of blind love that won't be a waste, even if we give everything. 'DanBam' (Sweet Night) is a song with a positive message that if we all live with big and small hardships in life, but have our dreams without losing hope, our night and lives will be beautiful.  


KW: Any special or funny moments from making the 'Blind Love' music video? 

There was a scene where a helicopter came out while we were filming the music video for 'Blind Love', and there was a moment when we had a hard time because the helicopter was too loud to hear the song.

KW: The choreography for 'Blind Love' is very good. Did it take a long time to learn the choreography and what is your favorite part about the choreography?

I think it took about three days to learn the choreography for the 'Blind Love' music video. It took a long time because it was my first time learning the choreography.

My favorite part is the sexy dance that sweeps the body with the sign language of love.

The meaning of this choreography is to send a message of love only to Grace, the fandom of GreatGuys.

KW: Which 'Blind Love' concept, bodyguard or vampire, do you like more? And if you had the choice, would you rather be a bodyguard or a vampire?

Hwalchan, Daun, Dongin, and Baekgyeol
I like the bodyguard concept more in this song concept and I will be the bodyguard who protects Grace forever.
Haneul, Uiyeon, Jae I, and Horyeong
I prefer the vampire concept in this song concept. And if I have a choice, I want to be a vampire. The reason why I like the vampire concept is because it's my first time doing it, and I like it because I think it can express the sexiness and intensity of the title song, 'Blind Love' well.

KW: Do any of you watch vampire movies/shows? If so, do you have a favorite?

I like the movie "Twilight." I like fantasy movies, and I like the character Vampire because it's very attractive.


KW: What is each member’s favorite song from the entire discography?

I like 'Danbam' the most, which is a track in this time.
I like last year's album, Touch by Touch. I think it's a meaningful album because I released a song containing comfort during a hard time due to COVID-19.
I like this album, 'Blind Love' and 'Danbam'. The reason they are my favorite songs because it's my first time producing the entire song.
I like 'Ganda' the most, which was released in 2018. The reason is because I like bright and refreshing songs, so I decided to go.
I like 'stay' the most. The reason is that I like ballads and it is the only ballad song in our team.

Jae I: 
My heart trembles when I think of you. The reason is that it's a song that we can enjoy with our fans, so it's my favorite song.

Mine is 'last man'. The reason is that it's our debut song.
I am 'Danbam'. It's because it's the genre that we cool guys are trying for the first time and the melody is good.

KW: 'Sweet Night' is a very beautiful song that you had previously composed, what made you decide to put it on the album?

'Danbam' is one of the songs I've always worked on. I thought it would be a great opportunity to include it in the album because the CEO recommended it. I talked with the members. We all liked it, so it was a good opportunity to include it in the album.


KW: When you first met, what were your first impressions of each other, and has it changed since?

It was a little difficult at first, but now we're so close that I think it's changed completely.

Everyone thought he was tall and handsome. We haven't changed yet, but we've been living together. We're all nice and funny. I like our members.

At first, I thought Baekgyeol was the oldest, but I was surprised to hear that he was the youngest. But now he's cute and nice like the youngest.


KW: Thank you for never giving up, you all bring Grace so much joy. Besides the love and support of Grace, what brings you joy?
Jae I: 
Grace's love and strength is so great that I think it's a driving force for us to continue our activities without giving up.


KW: Do you have a message that you would like to give to your fans?

Grace has been supporting and loving us since our debut, so we were able to promote without giving up until now. To repay Grace's support, we will always work hard and show you great performances anytime, anywhere. Thank you so much for always loving and supporting us. I love you, Grace!

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Thank you to GreatGuys and DNA Entertainment for the interview! 

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