[Exclusive Interview] pretty havoc & Kim Jeong Uk Release Pop Punk Collaboration 'Punching Bag'

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pretty havoc. Tyler Thang, born in Singapore, spent his formative years in cities such as Singapore, Boston, Busan and currently resides in Los Angeles. pretty havoc. writes, produces, and audio engineers his work, while singing in English, Mandarin and Korean. Coming to the scene with his own brand of Alternative music, drawing influences from Pop Punk, Alt Rock, K-RnB, K-Pop.

"PUNCHING BAG" marks pretty havoc. 's second release of 2022 with collaborator, South Korean artist Kim Jeong_uk, formerly of Korean Idol group 24K (Top #50 Albums on the Gaon Music Chart). Together they have delivered a track that can be only described as if KR & B/K POP and POP PUNK/GRUNGE had a baby.

Musically flowery and jazzy yet sonically dirty and rough, constantly bouncing back and forth from each genre, giving it a unique feel that is unheard of squeezed into a pop track in under 3 minutes. Performed in both Korean and English by the two artists, the lyrics describe a toxic relationship that you find yourself attached to. "I'll be your punching bag oh baby, take it easier on me" and "you ruin everything, I think you love to break my heart for the fun of it" about accepting the abuse because you still have feelings for this person.

The lyrics are packaged into both quirky, fun and dark, sad lyrics for contrast. From lyrics such as "gonna need a stake, crucifix and a medic kit" and "like an actress faked it so good, I'll give her credit, now she's thanking the academy cause no one's been as played as me" to lyrics such as "When I try to reach you, you disappear from me" [Translation], it delivers something real and a familiar pain in a fun, energetic package.

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KpopWise was able to interview pretty havoc about his new release and discuss Asian representation in pop punk music. 

Hello pretty havoc! Can you introduce yourself to KpopWise readers? 

Hey guys! My name is Tyler Thang, but I go by pretty havoc's as it is my stage name. I'm an artist from Singapore who Lives in LA! I predominantly make alternative/rock-influenced music.

Can you tell us about your new single 'PUNCHING BAG'? 

PUNCHING BAG combines my effort with Korean Artist Kim Jeong_Uk, whom you might recognize from his time in Idol group 24K. Together we made an awesome track that's the best of both worlds between punk and krnb music, best described as a love child creation of the two, it's sung in a mix of English and Korean, dealing with a toxic relationship with lyrics that are presented in a fun and light-hearted manner.

What is your creative process like? 

Hmmm, I would say that varies quite a lot, I think I get inspiration from many different things I experience, whether just my interests or real-life situations that have come up in my life span. So if I catch an idea from an experience, I'd either start producing a track or writing some lyrics and ideas down in my notes!

How would you describe your style? 

I'd say it's predominantly alternative, leaning towards Pop Punk and Emo, but with influences from Kpop, Krnb, and just a blend of genres. I enjoy a lot of different types of music but am an Emo kid at heart, so I thought why not bring the best of both worlds? Especially since modern rock has very little Asian representation, I'd like to be the solution to that eventually, kind of bring Asian themes and culture to a music style that is predominantly extremely western. 

Blending languages in music make it even more unique; given this is your first non-completely English release, how did you practice Korean? 

It does! Haha, truthfully, I don't practice enough; I guess I watch Korean movies a bunch and listen to Korean music, but I should practice!

What are some songs that you think would sound great as a pop-punk remix? 

I always thought 'Cheer Up' by TWICE was a Pop Punk song disguised as a K-Pop song, actually, many of their early songs I always thought were Pop Punk feeling with just guitars being replaced with synths, sometimes I take Acapella stems from K-Pop girl groups and Reproduce it as a rock song for practice and enjoyment, so I've done one for BLACKPINK and TWICE on my YouTube channel and will probably do more.

What is some of the best advice you've ever received? 

This question is a bit of a stumper, I've thought about it for a couple of days now and I don't have a great answer. I guess indirectly if relating to music, I've heard many artists say the moment they were gonna quit is when they made it, so I guess I take it as advice that sometimes you gotta really push through and keep at it even when it feels like you're gonna lose.

What's your proudest moment in music right now? 

Probably my song ' ' hitting over a million streams, It's not much to some people, but I'd say that song made me feel like I could attempt a career in this. I was making R&B music beforehand but had played in a few punk bands in school, so goddess was the first song where I tried to be true to myself, and it turned out well! So, I sincerely hope it is all uphill from here! Fingers crossed.

What can we expect from you next? 

I will be putting out much more music consistently; I feel that I haven't done that before. Definitely really excited for my next few releases, a couple of awesome Collaborations, some songs in English, Korean, and Mandarin, and working on my socials! I hope people will enjoy "PUNCHING BAG" a lot and my future releases shortly after! 

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