Former Girls Generation Member Jessica Jung Will Debut in a New Group


Jessica Jung, who was one of the lead vocalists of Girls Generation, will debut in a new Chinese group. The celebrity participated in a survival reality show in China with female artists over 30 who want to make a re-premiere. Jessica won 2nd place in the finale of the television show Sisters Who Make Waves. Who won the top position was the Taiwanese singer, Wan Xinling. The release date of the new group has not yet been revealed. 

Meanwhile, check out one of Jessica Jung's performances on the reality show:

The former Girls Generation member left the group in 2014. It is worth remembering that the other eight members are still together and will make a comeback on August 5 to celebrate the 15th anniversary as a team.  

Since leaving Girls Generation, Jessica Jung has worked as a solo artist releasing several songs and music videos such as "Fly", "Wonderland", and "Love Me The Same". In addition, he opened his own company Blanc & Eclare of clothing, accessories, and cosmetics.  

Pedro Martoly

Pedro is a Brazilian journalist who decided not only to write for his country but for the whole world. He's been following Korean culture since 2010. That's when he fell in love with the Girls Generation group. Pedro has worked on a television program, radio, and several news and curiosities websites.

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