Girls' Generation Makes Their Grand Return with 7th Album FOREVER 1

The group Girls' Generation has made a comeback today August 5 after 5 years to celebrate their 15th anniversary.

Girls' Generation's 7th full-length album "FOREVER 1" has been released various music sites at 6 PM. on the same day, and the music video of the title song "FOREVER 1" can also be seen on YouTube SMTOWN channels at the same time.
 Check out the music video for 'FOREVER 1' here! 

The title song "FOREVER 1" is a pop dance song with a dynamic development and energetic melody. Girls' Generation's unique cool singing gives an exciting atmosphere as if they were at the festival site, and the lyrics added meaning by expressing their eternal love for precious people who are always supportive.

The album includes "Seventeen" (Seventeen) and "Villain" (Villain), where members Tiffany and Sooyoung participated in the lyrics, as well as "Lucky Like That", "You Better Run", "Closer", "Mood Lamp", "Premium, Night" (Premium), and "Flight").

Prior to the release of the album, Girls' Generation "FOREVER 1" Countdown Live (Girls Generation "Forever 1" Countdown Live") was held on YouTube and TikTok Girls' Generation channels from 4:30 PM KST until 6:00 PM at the release of the album.  The ladies communicated with fans with abundant stories such as album introduction, behind-the-scenes work, and spoilers of activity plans. Check out the stream here. 

Girls' Generation's seventh full-length album "FOREVER 1" will be released physically on August 8.

 Listen to the album on Spotify

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