Kakao Entertainment to Introduce New Group Gomak Boys Through Reality Show

Kakao Entertainment
announced on August 17 that it will introduce the five-member boy group 'Gomak Boys' (Eardrum Boys) through Kakao TV's original series Gomak Boys in September.

Gomak Boys contains the aspirations of five boys with both talent and charm to captivate global listeners with their sweet voices. An official said, "The members are all talented, from live performances to lyrics and composition.

Kakao Entertainment captures their debut challenge through Kakao TV's original Gomak Boys. From the intense practice process, to profile shooting, music production, and recording, we plan to share with our fans all stages before their debut.

PD Park Hye-jin said, "The members are eagerly waiting for the Lunar New Year in front of you. Through this reality show, we plan to reveal everything from the strong chemistry between the members to the sincerity of their main job, 'music', so please pay a lot of attention."

In the typography teaser video released along with this, the phrase 'WHO IS GOMAK BOYS?' raised curiosity about who the members were.

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