KARD Tour in Chicago at the House of Blues


These were the chants heard at the packed House of Blues venue, where Hidden Kard eagerly waited for their favorite quad to hit the stage. 

It has been three years since KARD has toured the United States and their fans could not wait to see them perform their best hits, as well as new songs from their recently released 5th album. 

It was great to have the four altogether, as personally, I had been impatiently waiting for our leader and rapper J.Seph (Kim Taehyung- no not THAT Kim Taehyung) to be discharged from the military.

The energy from the crowd was contagious and I found myself bopping to the background music while we waited. Front row-barricade fan Gabby G. was so excited to be seeing her faves and reminisced about her first concert experience with them. She has been a fan since before their debut like others.

As soon as the beginning VCR began to play the anticipation and the heat in the venue was turned up 100 degrees. KARD made their way to the stage with their first performance Oh NaNa, followed by crowd favorites Don’t Recall and Hola Hola. Oh NaNa has a soft spot in my heart because it was one of their pre-debut songs. They ended the first set with Bomb Bomb and Dumb Litty before we got another VCR.

My favorite part of the concert had to be the special stages, with BM’s (affectionately called Big Matthew and the creator of the Big T**die Group) solo performance Strangers and Bad Intentions, Jiwoo’s Medicine, where she shared her vocal chops with us and unit stage with J.Seph and Somin performing Bam Bam. 

My bias, J.Seph surprised me with his singing and noted to the crowd that he was so nervous as a rapper performing a song with Somin and actually signing! Somin’s response “Oppa, was so good when we were practicing performing for the first time”. The crowd immediately started chanting “J.Seph, J.Seph, J.Seph!” It made this Hidden KARD so proud. I really appreciated the crowd’s energy and I know the group did too. 

They ended on a high note with songs from their new Album “Re:”. This album has been on repeat and I encourage new listeners to do as well. I know friends that came with me as causal listeners are new Hidden KARD after this concert. Let’s get it!

Special thanks to LiveNation for the media access! 

Jessica Wu

Jess has been following the K-pop, K-culture and K-drama scene since 2009 when she stumbled across Super Junior and Girls Generation on Youtube. She biases ONEUS and BTS, but is a self-proclaimed multi. She is so excited to reach out to many people regarding her passion for all things Korean. You can find her spending time with her 3 dogs and 2 cats (not an animal hoarder- am in veterinary science industry) when not at a concert, festival or traveling around the world.

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