K-Band Lacuna Trends for Fairy-Tail Music Style and Idol Visuals on Mnet’s “Great Seoul Invasion"

The band Lacuna, who drew a lot of attention for their fairytale-like signature music style and idol visuals in Mnet's band survival “Great Seoul Invasion,” is currently trending and completely selling out their shows in Korea.

Composed of vocal Jang KyungMin, JTBC "Super Band 2" star-guitarist Jung MinHyuk, bassist Kim Ho, and drummer Oh Isaak, four-piece band Lacuna has gained tremendous popularity in the band scene since their debut in 2018. With both outstanding visuals and music skills to boot, this time they created yet another buzz by appearing in the Mnet’s band survival show “Great Seoul Invasion.” 

In particular, Korean netizens didn’t spare compliments about Lacuna’s vocal Jang KyungMin handsome yet cute looks ever since the audition. One of the comments says 

“I checked them out once because the vocalist is handsome, but now I’m listening to their music non-stop.

 How come I didn't find out about them earlier?”

 Jang KyungMin was even jokingly referred to as ‘Cha EunWoo of the band world’ for his heart-stopping visual on the show.

In the first round of the “Great Seoul Invasion” aired on August 3, Lacuna performed the title song of their EP [Hello, Wonderland]Dancing in the rain” and got the highest score from four of their rivals. Some of the favorable peer reviews included “The only stage that gave goosebumps while watching the first round,” “The most band-like, liveliest performance so far” and so on.  

Lacuna’s 1st Round performance (Full ver.): 

Team leader Kim JaeHwan commented, “The star potential, guitar performance, and the emotional line of the song are perfect,” followed by Jukjae's appraisal of guitarist Jung MinHyuk 

“Impressive performance using effectors, unrivaled sound, and great stage presence.”

 As a result, Lacuna got picked by two team leaders and successfully advanced to the second round.

The new episode of “Great Seoul Invasion” aired on August 18 and it wasn’t a lucky one for Lacuna. The episode featured a second-round mission, “Song of the Decade,” which became a one-on-one “death match” between the bands much to their dismay. 

Lacuna got to represent the 1990s with a new song “1998” which they wrote and arranged in the span of a single day, proving their genius once again. Despite getting plenty of positive comments, Lacuna failed to defeat their rival, Yudabinband, who won the votes of most of the live audience by appealing with strong emotional lyrics and vocals. 

Lacuna’s 2nd Round performance (Full ver.): 

Lacuna was selected to stay in a so-called ‘BAND POOL’ to fight for their right to move on to the third round by completing the mini-mission. It was revealed that to complete the mini-mission, each band has to cover one of BTS’ hit songs – “DNA,” or “Fake Love” – in their signature style. Lacuna will also be competing with a cover version of one of the BTS songs in the upcoming episode. 

The "Great Seoul Invasion" is a survival program aimed at fostering K-Bands to represent Korea globally. The program airs every Wednesday at 9:40 PM KST. 

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