Learning Korean: 5 of the Best Instagram Accounts

Whether you've just got into the K-pop world or love to watch a good K-drama you’re probably familiar with some basic phrases of the Korean language. Well, if it’s left you wanting to know more about the beautiful language but you don't know where to start. Let me guide you to a short beginner's guide to learning Korean via Instagram and the best resources to get you on your way to saying 안녕하세요in no time!

Rookie Korean

So you want to learn Korean but aren’t sure where to start, Rookie Korean is the perfect place to begin. The first step to your Korean learning is the Hangeul alphabet explained and accompanied by fun and colorful graphics. Rookie Korean guides you step by step with easy-to-follow lessons. Beginning with the alphabet and grammar each lesson is straightforward to follow and broken down into sections that will guide you on your Korean journey. 

Lessons range with tips on pronunciation, the importance of the batchim rule, and how to write Hangeul. Learning should be fun and encouraging so be sure to catch the daily stories which will quiz you on what we learned in previous posts! Follow @rookie.korean

Skip The Subtitles

Perfect for those whose main goal is to take their eyes off the subtitles whilst watching their beloved K-dramas. Not only is their goal to help you watch K-dramas confidently but also to learn the lyrics to your favorite K-pop songs. Skip the subtitles offer two books ‘Shortcut to Korean and the latest release ‘Fluent in Korean’ available on amazon. They have a wide range of exercises in pdf form to keep it concise with what you prefer to learn.

The latest book focuses on reading exercises such as introductions involving K-pop and k-drama artists to help reading fun. It's relevant, easy to follow, and great at breaking down complex sentences. I recommend the PDF form, which helps with examples of specific K - pop references and even breakdowns. Follow @skipthesubtitles

For the Love Of Hangeul

For us fans who love K-pop and get excitement from that weverse notification posted by our faves, this account is for you. See one of your biases flying out for a show? Or see them online commenting with fans. Let's leave behind that (sometimes dodgy) translation button. As for the love of hangeul breaks down the posts by words and grammar. Alongside that, teaching the correct formation of sentences, formality, and slang words.


It’s a fun way to assign yourself homework, next time an idol posts, take a screenshot and see if you can break down what you’ve learned through FTLOH. It’s always a great excuse as to why you should stay on Weverse too! Follow @fortheloveofhangeul

Spixy Korean

Teaching all levels of Korean from beginner to high Spixy Korean helps make learning fun, with a variety of different techniques, via slides, reels, and videos. Regular quizzes are given with multiple choices his goal is to help his followers learn Korean in an interactive way.

His Instagram is full of interactive quizzes and reels, for those who wish to dive in more he has a Patreon course to help you advance higher. Follow @spixykorean

Korean Hoon

If you have a basic grasp of Hangeul but want to work on your pronunciation skills then Korean Hoon is here to help with fun mini exercises. Korean challenges exercises are set for you to repeat back slowly after him. The challenges have the sayings in hangeul which is great to practice your reading skills, but also a quick and easy way to learn basic phrases. There are even some K-pop references that all fans need to know eg “You’re Jimin right?" The added plus is the cute touches of presenting with various flowers as a well done (I'm quickly brought.)

Hoon also has a special workbook created for his Hoonies, the guide to hangeul, the guide has a QR code to access sound files to help nail those pronunciation issues. Follow @koreanhoon.en

Of course, these are just a small list, but they have helped me on my educational journey. Simple things from reading hangeul, especially your favorite K-pop songs, are fantastic ways to get used to popular phrases, conjunctions, and pronunciation. Remember practice is vital, to go at your own pace and set your own goals. Besides this, I do recommend Go! Billy on YouTube and the famous Talk to me in Korean courses if you want to throw yourself even more into the world of Hangeul. Korean is an enjoyable language to learn so don't be overwhelmed, it’s supposed to be fun, start with these accounts and you’ll be on your way to 한글.

Be sure to stick around @KpopWise for more updates on all of your favorite Kpop artists and idols!

Kirsty Bright

A UK freelance writer, who stumbled into the land of Kpop while studying Korean. Her bias groups are BTS and Seventeen, but she loves a range of groups and finding new artists to listen to! Contact on Insta: @kirstybright_ Portfolio: kirstybright.journoportfolio.com

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