LEO Releases 3rd Mini Album Piano Man Op. 9, and "Losing Game" Music Video

 All-rounder artist VIXX Leo has returned with a delicate song.

VIXX Leo released his third mini-album, Piano Man Op. 9, on various music sites at 6 p.m. on the 23rd.

This album is an album that Leo prepared fiercely while writing lyrics at dawn after the performance. Leo wrote, composed, and produced all the songs, completing an album unique to the All-Rounders artist.

In the title song, "Losing Game," which was released together on the same day, Leo caught the eye with his dreamy and deadly sexiness. Leo, who is equipped with eyes that seem to be hurt by love, increased his immersion by putting various emotions in his eyes.

On top of that, he showed off his dance with only a jacket, solid muscles, and abs, showing off his restrained sexiness.

In particular, the title song contains lyrics such as

 "Push me out with thorns," "Unwinnable fight," "Love hurts more," "It's a losing game / From the beginning, it breaks me down and distracts me," and "I still need you / Even if I break my heart / I can't let go."

In addition, the restrained voice blends with the heavy bass sound, completing a serenade sung by a man devoted to love.

Check out the music video for "Losing Game" here

Meanwhile, the mini-album consists of a total of five tracks, including the title track "Losing Game", "Beautiful Love", "So easy", "Chilling", and "Blue Rain".

Additionally, Leo will hold his third concert 2022 LEO 3rd CONCERT PIANO MAN Op.9, both off and online. Foreign fans can purchase online tickets here from now until September 4, 5PM KST.

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