Monthly Roundup July 2022: Nicole,, TE:O and JOHA

Nicole - "YOU.F.O"

Nicole from the legendary girl group KARA is back as a soloist with her new single "YOU.F.O" the song is a bright funky disco tune. Nicole also promoted the song on weekly music shows, so check it out if you're interested and see the experience of a 15-year idol.

Follow Nicole: IG @nicole_jung - "Cloud 9" 

The five-member boy group has come back with the refreshing and upbeat song "Cloud 9", perfect for the summer. The group also promoted the song on music shows


TE:O - "Paint Over" 

Singer-Songwriter TE:O is back with his new single "Paint Over" featuring rapper and producer Siu. 

'Paint Over' enhanced the album's perfection by harmonizing with R&B-based beats, soft and sophisticated TE.O's vocals, and producer Siu's light rap with this album.
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JOHA - "28 Dream"

JOHA has released her 1st mini album. The title song '28 Dream' is a pop genre-based song with an attractive grooved bass. 

Follow JOHA: @suu_ni

Ciera Reeves

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