PD Na's Most Popular Episodes on YouTube

For those who might not know, Na Yong-seok (also known as PD Na) is a well-known producer-director of many of South Korea's most popular variety and reality shows. He has also recently shot to fame with younger audiences for his variety shows "Game Caterers" and "Idol Ramyeonators", which air on tvN in South Korea and are posted on PD Na's YouTube channel "Channel Fullmoon" for international fans.

Today, we're going to take a look at the most popular episodes on PD Na's YouTube channel, and see what fans tune in to.

Game Caterers X YG 2nd episode - 14.4 million+ views

To mark the end of the second season of his popular show "The Game Caterers", PD Na pulled out an amazing cast of talent in a crossover of YG idols.

While viewing numbers were slightly down from the first episode, this second episode has still been seen more than 14.4 million times, making it PD Na's seventh most-watched episode on YouTube.

Game Caterers X HYBE 3rd episode - 16.5 million+ views

Coming towards the end of a massive three-week special meant numbers were going to be down on PD Na's crossover episode with HYBE Entertainment.

The lower viewing numbers - although still a high at 16.5 million viewers - can also be attributed to the episode being split into fewer parts.

Game Caterers X YG 1st episode - 20.2 million+ views

The Game Caterers crossover with YG Entertainment brought about with it a talented cast from across multiple groups - AKMU's Chanhyuk, BLACKPINK's Jennie, iKON's Yunhyeong and Jinhwan, SECHSKIES Jiwon, TREASURE's Hyunsuk and Jihoon, and WINNER's Jinwoo and Mino (with a guest appearance from Seungyoon).

This episode has been viewed 20.2 million times, and it's immense popularity led to a spin-off series featuring the TREASURE members called "The Idol Ramyeonators", which ran for ten weeks.

Game Caterers X Run BTS 2nd episode - 28.9 million+ views

The second appearance of the global superstars brought in smaller numbers than their initial episode, however, it's still the channel's fourth most popular episode.

The second Game Caterers crossover with Run BTS has been seen almost 29 million times.

Game Caterers X HYBE 2nd episode - 29.6 million+ views

The second episode of the special three-week event with the idols of HYBE pulled in similar numbers to its premiere episode. And with so many idols taking part, the viewership count is clearly reflected in their popularity and the variety of the cast.

Almost 30 million views have been received by HYBE's second episode.

Game Caterers X HYBE 1st episode - 29.6 million+ views

It's the most ambitious crossover anyone could imagine - almost as big as MARVEL's "Infinity War".

Thirty-six idols in six teams from groups such as Enhypen, Fromis_9, LE SSERAFIM, NU'EST, SEVENTEEN, and TXT took part in the largest Game Caterers episode ever.

And the huge cast brought in huge viewership numbers, with the premiere episode being seen almost 30 million times.

Game Caterers X Run BTS 1st episode - 47 million+ views

The first time PD Na manages to pull these global superstars in for a Game Caterers crossover episode with Run BTS, people flocked to watch it in droves.

It's immense popularity cannot be understated. The episode has seen more than 47 million times, and to date remains the single most popular episode featured on PD Na's YouTube channel.

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