Audition for Star iz Born and Get the Full Hallyu Star Experience

'22 New Beginnings with K-Pop: Star iz Born - Get the full Hallyu Star experience.

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a K-Pop star? Or what it’s like to perform on a stage? This is your chance to apply to this K-Pop audition program through the Metaverse!

The Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA), Pison Contents, The Director, Asimula, and Bigo Live, have joined to produce a new K-Pop audition program to all Hallyu fans around the world. “'22 New Beginnings with K-Pop: Star iz Born” is the very first VR concert audition program, where 5 lucky finalists will get the chance to come to Seoul, South Korea and collaborate with one of the amazing artists - including AleXa, DKZ, MCND, KAACHI and W24

For this audition program, everyone - no matter the ethnicity, age or gender - who are interested in K-Pop are welcome to participate. The first round of the applications are now open, and to be a part of it, participants must follow a few easy steps. 

  1. Fill in the application form
  2. Film a 5 minute max. video showing off your skills - through a K-Pop dance or singing cover - and upload it on your social media account
  3. Film a 1 min. 30 seconds max. Self-introduction video where it includes the following: full name, nationality, what country you are from, what and why you like a specific K-Pop artist, what you want to do in Korea.
  4. Tag @starizborn_kpop and use the hashtags: #starizbornkpop #starizbornaudition #musicspray #nbwk2022

Make sure you check out the audition’s official poster and follow all of the requirements. Those that do not follow it will automatically be disqualified. Additionally, ALL applicants will be provided with 2 free tickets to the final VR concert, where you will be able to watch the finalists and the guest artists’ performance at the comfort of your own home. 

5 lucky participants will be chosen to move on to the final round, where they will get the chance to win a round trip and accommodation to South Korea (following all of the COVID restrictions), participate in the final VR concert and collaborate with one of the amazing artists stated above. 

For those interested in having the full Hallyu Star experience, apply now! Applications will close on the 24th of September and winners will be announced on the 26th of September. For any additional information, feel free to contact

Ciera Reeves

Ciera is the founder of KpopWise. She has been a fan of Korean pop culture since 2005 and writing about it since 2009. Her bias groups are VIXX and OnlyOneOf. She is a 2nd-3rd generation K-pop fan, but she is actively keeping up with the current artists. twitter instagram

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