[Exclusive Interview] THAT KID on "Superstar" and Collab with BÉBE YANA

Singer-songwriter That Kid debuted in 2018 and has been at the forefront of the Hyperpop scene. The Denver-based artist has collaborated with SlayyyterAyesha Eroticaumru, and underscores, garnered millions of streams, and captured fans with a Y2K bubblegum pop sound. 

That Kid has released the mixtape "Superstar" on September 22 with 13 tracks with topics ranging from Las Vegas, popstars, pornstars, and socialites, "Superstar" is both a bold representation of That Kids singular artistic vision and a collaborative mixtape that showcases his penchant for choosing strong features and producers. “Superstar” resembles classic pop/R&B tracks from the 2000s but with a decidedly modern contextualization. 

The project’s title track, 'Naked' is a vibrant, futuristic pop song featuring singer-songwriter Bayli (who's written for artists ranging from Jesse McCartney to Giveon). It’s also a classic That Kid experience: With blazing synths and thumping drum patterns. 

KpopWise was able to speak with That Kid about the new release and even chat with us about his favorite K-pop artists, including his collab with K-pop artist BÉBE YANA

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Hi, That Kid, Congratulations on the release of your new mixtape Superstar! Can you introduce yourself to the KpopWise audience?

Hi Kpopwise Readers! I’m That Kid! I’m a singer/songwriter from Denver, Colorado.  

When did you know you wanted to do music?

I didn’t originally plan to become a musician, I actually wanted to be a visual artist growing up. I was super into art until I was 14, and then I got bored. But I still wanted to still express myself creatively, so I just stole my dad’s gamer headset and tried to make music. I was making terrible songs for a long time. I didn’t get decent until I was 18, I wanna say. It was just a hobby, and then my song “Dial Tone” came out and people loved it so I decided to just try and have fun and see where it takes me.

How would you describe your musical style?

My musical style is pretty nostalgic, but also futuristic. I feel like I’m inspired by so many things it’s kind of hard to describe my style at times. 

What is the creative process like for you?

My creative process varies from song to song but typically. I usually get a beat and start writing and recording in my bedroom. Sometimes I do sessions with producers when I travel or through Zoom. I feel like my creative process is pretty fast as well. I make songs really quickly.

Can you tell us about your focus track "Naked"?

“Naked” is probably my favorite song I’ve ever made. It actually samples one of my older songs called “Booty Call”. I wrote it about my current boyfriend back in 2021 when we were still unofficial and seeing each other on and off. It’s definitely a pretty special song to me. It’s also, just like, probably the biggest banger I’ve ever made.

Your track 4EVER features singer BÉBE YANA? How did you link up?

I’ve been a fan of Bébe Yana for a while. I actually used to be a huge fan of EvoL when I was younger so I had followed her loosely since their disbandment. A follower of mine on Twitter told me to stan Bébe Yana or something like that so I looked her up and realized I already knew of her from her EvoL days! I didn’t expect her to be down but I sent her a DM on Instagram and she was totally down to hop on the song. She’s so insanely talented and her vocals are just out of this world. She’s also a total sweetheart.

How did you discover K-pop music? Who are your favorite artists?

I got into K-pop when I was 12. My friends had shown me a couple of songs but once I saw the music video for “I Am The Best” by 2NE1 I was hooked! I actually used to have a K-pop stan account growing up and would learn a bunch of dances. I definitely think K-pop inspires my music a lot. For example, one of my producers Underscores and I are always referencing different K-pop songs when we’re doing sessions. As for my favorites, when it comes to the older acts I love 2NE1, After School, 9MUSES, SNSD, Wonder Girls, f(x), and EXID. Among the newer groups definitely loving STAYC, NewJeans, TXT, ENHYPEN, Le Sserafim, and IVE. I also adore Blackpink, Twice, NCT, Red Velvet, and Monsta X. 

Check out That Kid's K-pop Recommendation Playlist!

What other hobbies do you enjoy other than music?

I have a lot of hobbies! I spend a lot of my time going out hitting clubs, parties, and bars with my friends. I do a lot of chill stuff too, though. If I’m not doing any of that, I like to just hang out with my boyfriend, watch TV with my mom, hang out with my cat, play games, watch anime or garden. I was studying Spanish for a bit but kind of stopped. I like to just enjoy myself really and do things that make me happy when I’m not doing music.

You know how some artists have names for their fans? What would you call That Kid fans?

It’s still up for debate! I call them Crunchwraps or The Crunchwrap Nation after my song “Taco Bell,” but I mean, I don’t consider that the official fanbase name. Open to suggestions though!

What can we expect from you in the future?

Well after Superstar, there’s a super fun remix version of it coming out in late Autumn/early Winter. I’m also working on a bunch of double singles for 2023 and might even start writing for more artists!


Fans can catch That Kid perform cuts off of Superstar during the artist’s debut performance at Brooklyn’s vaunted Elsewhere venue on September 27, 2022.

Buy tickets here. 

Special thanks to That Kid and Love Shock for the interview! 



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