[Exclusive Interview] YOUHA’s Final Invitation to her “Last Dance” and Navigating the Meaning of Love


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Everyone experiences and interprets love differently. In YOUHA’s own words, love means appreciating yourself during a tragic breakup for her love you more, EP title track “Last Dance”. Her other tracks such as “Flower Rain” and “NUMB'' serve as the B-sides to the EP. Check out the music video for the track "Last Dance."

She describes herself as a singer-songwriter who also happens to be a ‘Love Writer’. All the tracks in her love you more, EP shows YOUHA’s writing and composing capabilities by conveying love can be beautiful, but dangerous at the same time. 

In your EP love you more, “Last Dance” is the lead title track for this. The background instrumentals have a rhythmic beat with sorrowful love lyrics. What was the purpose behind this?

YOUHA: I wanted to make a song which feels both vintage and trendy. The lyrics of the song are very sad, miserable, and somewhat mad, but the melody has a delightful feeling as if you heard before. I thought it would be icing on the cake if I added an addictive hook melody. I really wanted to try a different style.

What is a secret obsession you have that your fans don’t know?

YOUHA: I love watching game influencers’ contents. Watching game tournaments is so much fun. I also enjoy watching fun content on YouTube, including Mukbang.

LOONA, JUNNY, and VICTON are artists that you’ve composed and/or written for. Name your top artists that you want to write and compose with next!

YOUHA: I would love to collaborate with Conan Gray and The Weeknd. They represent the synth-pop genre, so it would be a great honor to collaborate with them.

For the “Last Dance” official music video, how did you prepare for it?

YOUHA: The music video shooting was my first time doing acting. I took acting class to express the story and feelings better.

What is a skill(s) that everyone should have when pursuing a career in the music industry? (in reference to trainees becoming artists) 

YOUHA: I think perseverance and passion are more important than skills. It might sound cliché, but if you do your best in your job and enjoy it, you will be able to get results at some point. I believe that such a day will come for me as well, so I’m just enjoying my time right now.


Tell us your makeup routine and share with us tips for achieving clear skin. 

YOUHA: I don’t usually wear makeup when I’m not promoting, so I don’t have much of a makeup routine. However, I try to wear sunscreen every day and it is very important to protect your skin.

If you were to put together a music playlist for your fans, which Korean and Westernized artists would you recommend?

YOUHA: I would like to recommend “Hype Boy” by New Jeans. I also highly recommend this solo female artist called YOUHA. She just released a new song called “Last Dance” and it sounds amazing. Haha. I also love the song “One Right Now” by The Weeknd and Post Malone. The song is great to listen to when you take a walk or go jogging.

Creating and releasing music has the power to touch everybody’s lives. What does creating and releasing your own music means to you?

YOUHA: It feels like sharing my personal diary with the listeners. I feel both embarrassed and curious how listeners will like it. However, talking about my story is the best thing that I can do, so I feel very comfortable making my own music.

Lastly, YOUHA shares touching words with her KpopWise readers:

Thank you for reading my interview. Please check out my very first EP [love you more,]. I will try my best to become an artist who can repay the public with great music and great personality, so please look forward to it. Again, thank you for all your love and support, and wish you a very healthy and wonderful day❤”

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