Mirae Comeback Set for End of September

The news fans have patiently been waiting for is here, Mirae has announced their comeback for the end of September. The 7 member group made up of Lee JunHyuk, Lien, Yoo DoHyun, Khael, Son DongPyo, Park Siyoung, and Jang Yubin will be back with a new mini album and music video. 

It is reported the boys have completed filming on the music video for their comeback title song. Since their debut, the band has seen success with three mini-albums titled "Killa," "Splash", and "Marvelous." Mirae saw the end of 2021 on a high during the ‘2021 MNET Japan Fans choice awards' winning 'Rookie of the year' award. 


2021 saw an endlessly successful schedule, the group completed their first fan meetings in Korea and Japan. Another trip sent them to Turkey for the first K-pop world festival, interacting with fans, teaching basic Korean, and of course, performing their catalog of songs. 

More updates on the band's comeback and schedule are to follow. As if this wasn't enough, we’ve been treated in the last few weeks to some wonderful covers from each member. To keep you entertained until then check out the latest content the band has provided below.

On 7th September singer Khael released his cover of NCT 127’s Touch, dressed in a pastel dream he sings the song effortlessly. 

[COVER] 태민(Taemin) - Criminal (MIRAE LEEJUNHYUK)

[COVER] 태일 (TAEIL) - Starlight (SONDONGPYO director's cut)

[COVER] BTS (방탄소년단) - Butter │미래소년 (MIRAE)

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