OnlyOneOf Performs 'gaslighting' on MCountdown's MAX LIVE

OnlyOneOf Performs 'gaslighting' on MCountdown's MAX LIVE

OnlyOneOf Performance on Music Shows after 7 months

On September 8, boy group OnlyOneOf burned the stage with a performance of their song 'gaslighting,' a b-side of their 4th mini album Instinct Part.2 released in January 2022.  

The special performance was due to winning Mnet's ROAD TO MAX 3rd Gen. A project started by Mnet to promote underrated idol groups. Fans suggest the artists they feel should qualify for the project, then fans vote between the nominees to win special stages on Mcountdown and later move on to KCON

From there, fans were prompted to vote for which song performance they wanted to see the most. The choices were 'skinz,' 'savanna,' 'suit dance,' or 'gaslighting.' Due to there being no previous public dance performance of the fan-favorite song 'gaslighting,' it was an obvious winner. 

Check out the performance below! 

There are also a group fancam and solo fancam of every member.

So far the 1st Gen winners are DKZ, the 2nd Gen winners are BAE173, the 3rd OnlyOneOf, and the 4th are JUSTB

Currently, every OnlyOneOf member is releasing their own solo single album per month, starting with Yoojung in June, KB in July, and Junji in August, with Rie coming up this September. They also released their latest Japanese single 'Cheating Woman' a remake of the 1995 song by Japanese band Sharam Q.

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