MUSTB Performs New Single La Señorita in Media Meet

Photo Cr: MustM Entertainment

On Friday, September 16, KpopWise attended a live media meet starring the popular Kpop group MustB.

MUSTB members: Sihoo, Taegeon, Soohyun, Doha, and Wooyeon treated the press to their newest music video “La Señorita” (seen below) as well as two live performances of their newest hit singles “La Señorita” and “All Day” off their latest album also titled “La Señorita”.

In the media meet, MUSTB answered a variety of questions and discussed their latest album.

The group explained that the album and title song,  “La Señorita” is a departure from their other records such as their last mini album “Let Me Rise Again ” (released in 2020) in part because it incorporates Latin culture in its lyrics, melody as well as in the visual concept when performed on stage, as seen in the video below of their performance of “La Señorita” on the program MBC Show Champion.

The members also described their new look and music as being “sexy”, and “manly” and something they hope their fans (called Muffins) and new listeners will enjoy.

Don’t forget to listen to “La Señorita” the album available to stream now!


Thank you again to MUSTB for the opportunity to learn more about their latest work.

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