Review: Balming Tiger - SEXY NUKIM (ft. RM of BTS)

Review: Balming Tiger - SEXY NUKIM (ft. RM of BTS)

Chapter two is alive and kicking for BTS’s armys. September 1st was no different as we kickstart the month with a collab with Balming Tigers (Omega Sapien, BJ Wnjn, Mudd the Student, and Kim Namjoon) on the RnB track ‘Sexy Nukim.’

Official teasers kept it brief and mysterious giving little away to just what Namjoon’s feature would sound like, as the poster indicated something menacing and dark. That’s what we get as the video visually is a mini film and work of art. It not only gives psychedelic vibes but seductively gives an invitation into Balming tiger's visually weird world. From the start, the soothing tones of BJ Wnjn coolly rap “We’re all Sexy Nukim, communicate and show me eyes.”

The appearance of Namjoon's vocals is creamy smooth, which rhymes and blends effortlessly alongside the trance-like musicality. This joins the hauntingly warped visuals in the video replicating that of the film classic ‘A clockwork orange. Combine this with the sexy growls of Omega Sapien alongside Namjoon's it's a well-rounded 4-minute masterpiece of a song. 

What we have from this single replicates the title, it’s sexy, stylish, and effortlessly cool. With lyrics and wordplay such as "Girl you can keep it low while we do the ride tonight." We're most definitely seeing a different side to Kim Namjoon. The beat itself is hypnotic, and the unique sound of Balming Tigers I’m sure some fans will want to delve into.

What I’m loving about chapter two is it's allowed the members to do a 180 and blindside fans with the music they’re creating and releasing alongside future solo projects.

So what do you think of ‘Sexy Nukim? Be sure to stick around @Kpopwise for more updates on all your favorite Kpop artists and idols!


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