RM of BTS to Voice Korean Art Exhibition In LA


Kim Namjoon (RM) of BTS is famously known for his love of art, he recently appeared on the podcast ‘Intersections: The Art Basel Project’ for an in-depth interview on his passion for visiting and collecting art pieces. When on tour during rest days he found his love for galleries and discovering art. His free time is now spent diligently exploring galleries, art halls, and exhibitions. The latest BTS vlog series saw Namjoon visit Amsterdam and took us on a trip to see the recent Basel exhibition.

His love for art has transcended passionately throughout his Instagram account, attending art exhibitions with artists. Showing off pieces for fans to get involved, he’s elevated the works of many unknown Korean artists. For those in the LA area, they can now be accompanied by the voice of RM as he narrates “The Space Between Modern Korean Art” at the LA County Museum from the 11th of September. Around 130 masterpieces of Korean modern and contemporary art will feature, including self-portraits of King Gojong, Na Hye-Seok, and Lee Que-Dae, to be exhibited in the United States.

Another first for RM as it will be the first overseas exhibition held in a western country covering modern Korean art from 1897-1965. On having Namjoon narrate, the MMCA said “Visitors to this exhibition can appreciate the exhibition more densely with RM's voice. For the exhibition, RM participated in the audio guide's voice recording talent donation. He personally participated in the selection of works and recorded descriptions for a total of 10 works in English and Korean respectively.” 

For fans outside LA who can’t visit, the voice of RM can be listened to on the National Museum Of Modern and Contemporary art website. Korea director Yoon Bum-Mo said, “It is significant as the first signal that a work of art at that time, which captures the fierce modernity of Korea, will be presented in the western world. We will do our best to expand it.” 

The exhibition will be held at the LA County Museum from the 11th of September to the 19th of February next year. Tickets can be found here. 

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