Unreleased Songs by Keeho That Everyone Needs to Hear

Keeho from P1Harmony is unarguably one of the best vocalists in Kpop and we are all anxiously waiting for the day his is able to release his own songs to the world.

Keeho shares a lot of vulnerable moments with his fans, P1ece, while on Vlive and there have been a couple occasions where Keeho shared snippets of some songs he has written. Keeho has not officially released any of these songs but P1ece have been hoping and praying that he will one day. Check out these unreleased songs by Keeho below. 

1. Apricot Princess

Keeho made 'Apricot Princess' during his trainee days. Fans jokingly told Keeho to release the song "or else" but Keeho has not shown any interest in releasing it. P1ece have decided to respect his wishes by ceasing to ask about the song even though they really want access to the full version.

2. Untitled Song

While doing a live video, Keeho shared another unreleased song with P1ece, but he never shared the title of this beautifully-written song. He was really vulnerable in sharing this song because it is about self-esteem and self-love.

After sharing these songs with P1ece, Keeho has made it very clear that he has no intentions of releasing these songs, but his fans are still hoping that one day he will. At the very least, P1ece hope he will have a solo song on one of P1Harmony's albums or maybe even start a SoundCloud account.  

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