Asome.D and Triger Perform at a Houston Korean Festival

Photo by Asome.D_Official

Asome.d and Triger make their first Houston performance at a Houston Korean festival.

On October 22 the Korean American Society of Houston held its 13th annual Korean Festival where there were many performances from local dance groups, random dance play and so much more, including performances from two groups Asome.D and Triger.

Asome.D and Triger are both under DY, a Korean entertainment company and PlusWin, a Japanese entertainment company. Asome.D is a three member girl group consisting of members Zi.L, Dada and Nahyun. Triger, formally known as “Trigger” is a five member boy group consisting of members Shawny, Shark-T, Rio, Ato, and Roa.

Photo by Kfesthtx

Asome.D and Triger both opened the show by performing “Not Today” by BTS and taking up the stage with an energetic and fun performance. Triger performed songs such as “Burning up (Fire)” , “Mic Drop'' by BTS along with other songs including their original song “No Limit”. Asome.D performed their song “ Funny Gotcha” along with other songs such as “Kill This Love” by BlackPink. Both groups left an amazing impression and had such fun stage presence, killing it with the live vocals. Engagement with fans and the audience created a comfortable atmosphere and was a fun way for new listeners to get to know each member.

If you haven't checked these groups out before check out their music videos below.

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