Fanart Friday: (G)I-DLE Nxde

Ciera Reeves

(G)I-DLE recently returned with their 5th Mini Album, "I Love" with the title track 'Nxde.' All of the members done blonde hair and red lips, paying homage to Marylin Monroe. The song subverts the "dumb blonde" trope and represents her as a strong and intelligent woman deserving of respect, and women in general, deserve to present themselves however they'd like. The song has been trending at number one on music sites since its release.

The stunning concept has inspired fans to create many fan arts to celebrate the new release. Let's check out some of their works! If you enjoy the artists' work please support them with retweets, likes and comments!

Disclaimer: KpopWise does not own any of the artwork featured here and will remove them at the request of the original artist request. 

Which is your favorite fanart? Do you have any to share? Let us know @KpopWise!  

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