Here's Why You're Obsessed With NewJeans' 'Attention' and 'Hype Boy'

On July 22, ADOR, HYBE’s independent label, announced their newest girl group whose first title track will attract the attention of over 26 million viewers on YouTube. Created by Min Hee-jin, the group NewJeans dropped their first title track, “Attention,” with zero promotion or hype ahead of the release. Even the members’ names were kept secret. This surprise business tactic reeled in Kpop fans while the NewJean’s addicting sound and nostalgic Y2K vibes made them stay.

The multi-national girl group consists of members Hanni, Minji, Haerin, Danielle, and Hyein. Between “Attention” and the even more addicting title track “Hype Boy,” NewJeans crushed records by selling 262,815 albums on just their release day. Many Kpop fans wondered what made them stan a rookie group so early? Was it their pop-R&B vibe or the Gen Z energy in their music videos? Let us dive a little deeper into what about the new rookie that may have caught your eye.

The Early 2000s / Y2K Fashion

The members’ concept revolves around the colorful and fun fashion trends of the early 2000s that bring a fun element to the group. From low-rise baggy jeans to jerseys and butterfly hair clips, their look appeals to Gen Z’s current trends and attracts millennial nostalgia.

Long and Natural Colored Hair

It is hard to miss the long, healthy hair of all the members, which makes you wonder what their hair care routine is. In the Kpop world, it is common to see members debut with different haircuts or colors to fit their concepts. Instead, all five members debuted with similar lengths and natural hair colors. The natural appearance stands out and complements their energetic dance moves.

 Bright & Fun Music Videos

Their music videos brought an enjoyable element that makes people want to dance like no one is watching. It reminds you of hanging out with friends and simply gushing over a crush. This rookie group proved that sometimes simplicity and creativity go a long way. The visuals didn’t overpower the natural, youthful look of the members and allowed fans to focus more on the song and how catchy the choreography was.

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