Want a Career in K-Pop? Read ‘How to Work in the K-Pop Industry’ by Ex-HYBE HR Manager First!


“How to Work in K-POP Industry” (Photo Credit: Conexus Lab)

Are You Considering Pursuing a Career in Korean Entertainment? 

Breaking into the Korean Entertainment industry is no easy feat. Who would know better about the hiring process than someone who has worked in HR for a K-pop company?  "How to work in the K-pop Industry" was written by Lee Sang-hwan, CEO of Conexus Lab and former HR manager in the K-Pop giant HYBE

It is an informative eBook for anyone who aspires to work in the K-pop industry or wants to educate themselves out of curiosity. Learn about the different career paths in Korean entertainment and how to achieve your goal of obtaining your dream position in this industry as a foreign applicant!

I've personally read the book, and it is well organized in how it reveals helpful and straightforward facts that can serve as a guide for Korean entertainment industry hopefuls. There are easy-to-find chapters to refer to whenever you need a refresher as you pursue your career goals. 

As an American who often interacts with Korean entertainment professionals in my career, I recommend this book to anyone who wants to work in the Korean entertainment industry as the initial stepping stone for preparing yourself and knowing what to expect from the Korean hiring process.

What is Conexus Lab? 

Conexus Lab is a Korean entertainment industry education company. CEO Lee Sang-hwan, the book’s main author, created the company with the intent to share his insight and experience as an HR manager for the entertainment industry’s leading companies, including HYBE, CJ ENM, JTBC, and Netmarble.

Established in 2019, Conexus Lab is a company that produces and provides educational content for entertainment industry employees and prospective employees with the mission to contribute to the further growth of Korea’s entertainment industry.

The company also operates Korea’s largest entertainment and content industry employment community ‘EnJunMo’ (which is short for ‘a gathering of entertainment industry jobseekers’ in Korean). The community serves as a communication space and shares high-quality information about working in the entertainment industry, directly confronting common employment barriers like lack of access to direct industry employee advice and other helpful recruitment information. The community, which operates as a NAVER cafe, currently hosts nearly 50,000 industry jobseekers and employees.

Through their education services, Conexus Lab has secured final employment offers to over 200 entertainment industry jobseekers, and graduates of Conexus Lab training programs are currently working in some of the country’s leading entertainment companies, including Big 4 agencies HYBE, SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, and YG Entertainment.

A Guide to Korean Entertainment Careers for Foreigners

As the K-pop industry continues to develop, interest in the industry is also growing rapidly, with more jobseekers coming from outside of the country to secure similar entertainment jobs. However, as gaining access to information about the industry from outside of Korea is quite difficult, Conexus Lab has published “How to Work in K-Pop Industry” to answer many questions overseas jobseekers, and general K-pop fans might have. 

Information includes a closer look at Big 4 agency business models, the Korean entertainment industry’s unique recruitment culture, and strategies to make yourself a stand-out candidate in fields like A&R, marketing/publicity, artist development, and more.

The book has 4 main key points you shouldn't miss: 

  1. The Valuable Insights for an Ex-HYBE HR Manager 
  2. The Structure of Job Roles in K-pop Agencies 
  3. How to Prepare Your Resume, Interview Process, and Example
  4. Interviews with Foreign Employees in the Korean Entertainment Industry

How to Get the eBook

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