Le Sserafim is Unbreakable in Their First Comeback, "ANTIFRAGILE"

       They're back, and this time they're antifragile. Le Sserafim released their 2nd mini album titled ANTIFRAGILE on October 17. This 5 track album conveys the hardships and challenges endured by the members Chaewon, Sakura, Yunjin, Kazuha, and Eunchae. This Reggaeton-inspired title track, "ANTIFRAGILE," is a powerful, vibrant anthem about gaining and maintaining confidence and strength within yourself. Yunjin received writing credits for this firey anthem. The upbeat tempo with a catchy chorus of " Anti-ti-ti fragile fragile" makes for an ideal power anthem to encourage their fans. 

    "ANTIFRAGILE" is accompanied by an apocalyptic music video. The video begins with a snippet of the intro track "The Hydra," also from their mini album. In the video, an astroid is hurdling toward the earth; chaos encircles the quintet as they continue to live their lives unphased by the impending destruction of our planet. As the asteroid approaches, the five girls come together to showcase the choreography with a show of their muscles to prove how antifragile they are. Once the asteroid hits earth, the girls continue to sing to and dance; towards the end, they all brush off the debris from the impact truly showing that they're antifragile. 


    This mini-album includes tracks written by members Yunjin and Sakura. Following their first mini-album that includes songs written by the leader, Chaewon, these girls are on their way to becoming self-producing superstars. 

"ANTIFRAGLE" is available on all streaming platforms; you can check out the music video here: 

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