[Photo Gallery] The Rose Healed the Fans in Washington, D.C!

The South Korean pop-rock band, The Rose came to Washington D.C for the first time on October 28 on their Heal Together Tour!

The stage design was filled with colorful lighting, and life-sized black roses lined the stage, which represents the name of their fans, The Black Rose. The Rose had calm, healing and positive energy.

Every song was a call to heal yourself and those around you. The fans responded to the beautiful songs by waving their lightsticks that had small black roses inside of them and affectionately cheered for each of the band member’s solo moments in the songs.

The fan favorite and most endearing song they performed is called 'She’s In The Rain,' and the energy of the fans and band felt nostalgic and caring. There was a moment in the concert when The Rose read heartfelt signs that fans h
ad held up proudly in the air.

The Rose wrapped up the concert by taking a group photo with the fans and thanking them endlessly. Neither The Rose or The Black Roses wanted the night to end, which is exactly how everyone will feel when they decide to heal together with The Rose live in concert. 

Check out the full photo gallery below!

 Photography and Words by Katana 


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