[Review] 'The Astronaut' Lands for Jin (BTS)

'The Astronaut' has landed in the form of a soft emotional ballad, a song acting as a heartwarming gift to fans in the co-written with friends Coldplay. The new single was released Friday, October 28, 1 pm KST. 

The single highlights just how much ballads are what Jin does best, his vocals are always crisp and harmonized allowing him to showcase them to the best of his potential. What he and Chris Martin have done is marry both sounds of Jin and Coldplay. The signature backing sounds from the vocals relate to 2021’s ‘My Universe’ which could easily walk hand in hand. 

What The Astronaut provides is part two to 2019’s space-themed track Moon (from the album Map Of the Soul 7), the prequel an open letter to armys and Jin as the moon, with armys his earth it has become a fan favorite and is much loved between fans and Jin alike. This time the Astronaut declares the love stronger with the chorus in English “When I’m with you, there is no one else. I feel this way I’ve never felt.” It follows the emotion from Moon and gives a warm cozy hug to fans but also reassurance. In promotion of the single Jin confirmed the premise of the song and the warmth he wanted to create;

"I made this with the hope that many people will like it as much as I prepared hard with the fans in mind, and I want you to feel happy while listening to the song."

The accompanying video, also released Friday, October 28, 1 pm KST shows Jin stranded on earth waiting to return to space. Once he arrives at said spaceship he realizes what he loves most is already here with him, there are plenty of connotations and embellishments in the video relating to BTS and small loving actions towards Armys. With the recent news of the band's enlistment, the song acts as an open-penned letter. In exchanged text messages between Chris and Jin, they touched on his fear of stepping away briefly and embracing change. Chris explained, “When we spoke about you having to leave for a while and missing the band and your fans, it was really powerful.” 

The Music Video matches the sentiment by rounding Jin's completed crossword, four words stand out Moon, family, star, and Army, with a reassuring warm smile from Jin himself. This is the perfect gift for fans and alongside 'My Universe' makes the ideal combination for a stadium to hear the fans sing back. Tonight, Coldplay performs in Argentina, with The Astronaut making its live debut and Jin's first solo stage performance. Cinemas worldwide will be playing, with a delayed live stream to be announced at a later date. Tickets are available here and in select worldwide territories, stream 'The Astronaut' on all platforms.

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