South Korean Fashion Designer Jinsol Woo Releases His Debut Single "Internet Love"


On October 7th, Jinsol Woo released his first single “Internet Love”. The South Korean New York-based fashion designer is stepping out of his usual fashion space and into the music world. His personal fashion brand OHTNYC has been loved by many. His pieces have been worn by celebrities such as Keshi, Doja Cat, AESPA, Felix from Stray Kids, and more. "Internet Love" tells the story of Jinsol’s relationship hardships as he finds himself through it all.

The music video depicts a lovesick story where Jinsol is facing internal turmoil and sorrow due to a past relationship. The video starts off with flashbacks of his previous partner and a solemn instrumental. The old-school visuals and effects utilized throughout the video pull you deep into the relationship nostalgia. The alternative-inspired track has elements of a distorted alternative backtrack accompanied by a strong bass. “Internet Love” shows a new side of creativity and artistry from Jinsol and serves as the prelude to his upcoming EP which is due to come out early next year.

Jinsol wants to continue growing his brand and create a legacy for himself. In a recent interview with Teen Vogue, Jinsol expresses his thoughts regarding his brand, 

“I want to create through the means of exploration, curiosity, compulsion, liberation, vitality, and even shame... I have plans to release clothing, more jewelry collections, and music. I want OHT to be a design empire that creates many things under one strong vision. The plan is to continue creation endlessly.”

You can listen to “Internet Love” on Apple Music, Spotify, and other streaming platforms now! Check out KpopWise for more Kpop news, updates, and more.

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