Who is Woozi ? The Genius Producer Behind Seventeen's Discography

    Seventeen's discography is an encyclopedia of genres, fusions, and sounds, with four studio albums, twelve mini albums, and two repackaged albums. Behind these albums are a team of producers, composers, vocalists, and rappers. One of those producers is Seventeen member, Woozi (Born Lee Jihoon). Vocal unit leader, lead vocalist, and performance powerhouse, Woozi wears many titles, but the producer is one many are not aware of him harboring. From Seventeen's debut in 2015 to now, Woozi has produced and composed over 80% of Seventeen's discography. Hit songs like "Very Nice," "Hot," "Don't Wanna Cry," and "Clap" are just some of the hundreds of songs Woozi has beneath his producer belt. Woozi's pen extended to help his members outside group activities as he carries writing credits for Hoshi's "Spider," The8's "Hai Cheng," and his solo "Ruby." As Seventeen's musical backbone, Woozi has also penned music for other artists, including Ailee, Fromis_9, Chanyeol, and Tobi Lou.


    Since pre-debut, Woozi carried the title of Seventeens backbone as he voiced that the failure/success of the group was riding on his shoulders. Woozi felt like everything was his fault, and if he failed, then, Seventeen would fail. The pressure from Pledis entertainment settled on Woozi's mind as he had to take a large group from a small company and make a song that could turn them into superstars. Fellow producer Bumzu praised Woozi for his professionalism and producer talents during Seventeen's pre-debut show "The Seventeen Project." Woozi being around the age of 17-18 at the time of this show, Bumzu expressed how he saw lead producer potential in Woozi. Woozi produced, wrote, and arranged Seventeens Debut song, "Adore U," along with Bumzu and other members Vernon and S.Coups. "Adore U" debuted at no.13 on Billboard's US world chart; that was the beginning of Woozi's thriving career as a producer. Since then, Woozi's pen has been working nonstop.  

      At 25, Woozi already has over one hundred copyrights to his name. He is one of the top Kpop idols with the most copyrights owned. In 2021, Woozi became the youngest recipient of The Producer of The Year award at The Asia Artists Awards. 


    In 2022, Woozi produced the album Face The Sun, which debuted at no.7 on Billboard's top 200 charts; he released his first solo mixtape titled "Ruby." He closes out 2022 with a sold-out Japanese dome tour with Seventeen. With 2023 already booked with tours and albums, this man is truly unstoppable. 

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