ATEEZ Member Does An Act of Kindness for Fans While on Tour

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As some may know, ATEEZ is currently on tour and has six stops planned in the United States. Most idols like to go out and explore the cities when they stop by if they have the free time to do so. Naturally, fans are bound to bump into their faves while out sightseeing.

This is exactly what happened to a couple of Atiny. These Atiny went to social media, TikTok specifically, to discuss their recent encounter with one of the ATEEZ members in Dallas. Apparently, these Atiny happened to go to a Korean restaurant to eat and were surprised to notice that Wooyoung was also there eating. The fans expressed that they were respectful of his space and did not interrupt Wooyoung so he could enjoy his time.

The Atiny also stated that other fans asked Wooyoung for autographs, but they personally chose not to bother him. However, one of these Atiny was wearing an ATEEZ sweatshirt, and Wooyoung noticed it. What happened next is what surprised these fans the most.

While exiting the restaurant, Wooyoung went to the counter to pay for his food, and he started pointing at the two fans who let him be. They thought he would give them an autograph, but that’s not what happened. A waiter then approached the two Atiny and told them that Wooyoung had just paid for their meals! So cool, right?

This interaction shows how thoughtful and kind Wooyoung is and how much he cares about his fans! Not many fans can say that their favorite idols bought them a meal, but these ATEEZ fans are lucky enough to have this experience. After this exchange, Wooyoung went on Universe, the fan subscription messaging app, to share this interaction with all his fans and even said that he would love to buy more fans a meal if he bumps into them in the future!

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