B.A.P Meet Up to Support Yoo Youngjae Who Will Enlist November 8

Singer and Actor Yoo Youngjae, a former member of the group B.A.P, will join the military on November 8.

Yoo Youngjae said on his Instagram on the 6th, 

"Hello, everyone. How are you doing?" Today, I have some news to share with you, so I'm leaving a message. Well, I know it's sudden, but I'm going to join the military on November 8th."
"I debuted on January 27, 2012, and I have many good memories so far," he said. "I was so happy because of you for about 10 years after my debut, and I think I also spent my life trying to be a better person."

He also said, 

"I will fulfill my military duty well and come back healthy in 18 months so that I can show you good acting and music activities." "I hope you are all smiling and having a good time." I will miss you a lot. I love you."

In the picture, B.A.P members gathered for a meal and commemorated with photos. The friendship of the members to support Yoo Youngjae, who is about to join the military, stands out. The fans cheered for him in the comments. 

Meanwhile, Yoo Youngjae debuted as a boy group B.A.P. in 2012, and made his solo debut and actor career in 2019.

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