[Exclusive Interview] Newkidd Members Discuss Their New Single "Victory," Interesting Moments During Their Time in Brazil, Future Acting Roles, and More

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Jin Kwon and Minwook from Newkidd just released a hot new single called "Victory." This single has a fun Latin flare and the music video was actually filmed in Brazil! KpopWise had the pleasure of connecting with Jin Kwon and Minwook to discuss their new single amongst other fun topics! Check out our interview with the members below. 

KW: Can you tell us about your single “Victory” and what it means to you?

Jin Kwon: It’s an energetic new song that contains the world of fresh and powerful music by Newkidd. It contains a message that you can find your true self in the way you meet and resemble each other.

Minwook: It’s music that combines Korean colors and Latin rhythms. Also, as we filmed the music video in Brazil and used Spanish and Portuguese in the lyrics, we was able to interact emotionally with overseas fans.


KW: What was the experience like filming a music video in Brazil?

Jin Kwon: It was amazing and fun to film a music video in Brazil, which is on the opposite side of the earth. And since it's Newkidd's first overseas music video shooting, we put more passion into it.

Minwook: I was excited and happy every moment as if I were on a trip. The scenery that is not easily accessible in Korea, the passionate atmosphere of Brazil, and the colorful murals on the streets are memorable.


KW: Do you have any funny or interesting stories from filming the music video for “Victory?”

Minwook: There weren't many people who have met Kpop idols in person, so there were often people who saw me and Jin Kwon during the shoot and asked, "Are you BTS?" It was a fun and also grateful experience.

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KW: What is your favorite lyric in “Victory?”

Jin Kwon: I like "nos vamos pareciendo" the most. I chose the lyrics because it goes well with both the theme and melody of the song. 


KW: Is there a part in “Victory” that you would switch with the other member? 

Minwook: I wanted to sing "On this rhapsody / Make the melody." I want to reflect my own freedom into the song and sing it with a new feeling like adding a melody on a rhapsody. 


KW: Minwook, what is your favorite Newkidd song? 

Minwook: I really like "Tu Eres." It's a song that caught my taste with exciting and cheerful rhythm and lyrics full of excitement. I still listen to it every day when I walk on the streets or exercise these days. 


KW: Jin Kwon, what kind of food do you like to cook these days?

Jin Kwon: I like bulgogi with mushrooms. These days, I buy ingredients from the mart and cook them myself often. I think it's a good hobby because it relieves stress and it's fun.
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KW: Since you have some acting experience, are there any roles you would like to try in the future?

Jin Kwon: I recently watched the movie Ditto and thought that I wanted to play a college student in the 90s. Although it was an era when I was not born, I wanted to feel the style of that era while watching the movie and express it in my own way.

Minwook: I have been curious about the new worldview since I was young, so I wanted to try fantasy or specific genre. I am interested in stories that include magic like Harry Potter, or materials such as vampires, robots, and timeslip. Especially, I want to be the main character of a fantasy romance movie someday.
KW: Any message for your fans?

Jin Kwon: Hello, our fans. It's been a long time since we released a new song. I want to say thank you for waiting, and I always gain a lot of strength from your support. We always think of you everyone!

Minwook: Hello, everyone! As I am new to Newkidd, I want to show you better content and vocals. Thank you for your support and love. Please continue to love our new song "Victory." See you soon!

Check out the music video for "Victory" here:

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Huge thank you to Minwook, Jin Kwon, and JFLO Entertainment for the interview!

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