[Exclusive Interview] PRSNT Electrifies the Stage at MU:CON 2022

PRSNT (프레젠트) is a three-member, co-ed group under BIXIZ XOUND that debuted in 2019 with the single 'Feel, You Feel, We Feel.' The trio includes singer Jenyer, DJ Allzwell and Producer, and musician mOnSteR nO.9. The group explores a variety of genres, including electronic, R&B, soul, pop, and future bass. All of the members compose the group's music.

In March 2022, PRSNT released their first EP Crazy Driver, with the title track 'Like a Butterfly.'

On October 12, PRSNT released their newest single, 'We're Just a Grain of Sand.'

They promoted weekly Korean music shows and performed a showcase at MU:CON 2022 on October 21.

Check out PRSNT's MU:CON 2022 Showcase performances here

KpopWise was able to catch up to the multi-talented Trio for an interview.

Hello PRSNT! You really rocked the stage at MU:CON!

Can you tell us about your song "We’re Just A Grain Of Sand

“We’re Just A Grain Of Sand” means, we are the smallest thing in this universe, like sand. We hope that everything will just flow.

What are your inspirations for songs? 

We usually get more inspiration from normal life. Such as watching movies, eating, and walking down the streets, and so on.. Nothing special 🙂

mOnSter nO.9

How do you describe your style?

The interesting thing about PRSNT’s music is everybody can’t expect where to go. We also don’t know how to work on the next song either. Our music style is like a bouncy rugby ball.

mOnSteR nO.9, How did you get into producing? 

At first, while working as a guitarist for the band, I naturally wrote and produced songs.

Allzwell, do you remember your first DJ set? What songs did you use? 

It was a long time ago, so I don’t remember my first set well lol. But I remember one of my sets. It’s my favorite song, “Ferry Corsten & Aruna - Live Forever (Michael Woods Remix).”

Jenyer, while performing as a member of PRSNT, a soloist, and as a member of the girl group 4MINUTE -- from music to fashionhow does it feel to try so many different styles? 

It's really interesting to try different styles. I feel excited every time I do it.

DJ Allzwell 

What is the difference between playing festivals and television shows? 

The broadcast has a lot of cameras with a solemn atmosphere, so it doesn't seem to show us well. On the other hand, performances at festivals and concerts have some audiences who come to enjoy us, so we can breathe together in a fun mood.

Who would you love to collaborate with?

There are so many artists, lol. We always hope to collaborate with various artists. We’re open. We will wait for many inquiries. Please send us an email or DM.

PRSNT has songs that suit different seasons. Which season is your favorite? 

We all love four seasons. But if we have to choose one, summer is the best. Because we have many songs that can give you a cool feeling when you listen to it under the hot sun.

Who is the funniest member these days? 

Jiyoon! Because two men are boring people lol.


What message do you want to give to your fans? 

We are preparing a great performance for our fans at home and abroad, who always support us. We’re trying to visit anywhere overseas, so please wait a little longer. Love you :)

What can we expect from PRSNT next? 

We are preparing for next year's overseas activities. We have already decided to appear at the 2023 festivals in Taiwan. And you will be able to meet us overseas more.

A special thank you to PRSNT and Chealee for the interview! We can't wait to hear more from PRSNT soon!

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