[Exclusive Interview] Wren Evans on His New Single “Baby With You” ft. EVY, Pursuing Music, and Future Plans

On October 11, Vietnamese singer-songwriter, producer, and rapper Wren Evans released his latest hit “Baby With You” ft. EVY along with the Vietnamese version called “Thói Quen”.

Baby With You

“Baby With You” was a long-awaited English song for fans, and it did not disappoint. This R&B track unveils the story of two different perspectives in a relationship. “[This is] a track that I took a good two years to finish,” Wren confessed, “Special thanks to Evy for coming on the track and blessing it with her vocals. ‘Baby With You’ sounds just right with the Evy feature.”

Wren Evans revealed that his attempt in rewriting “Baby With You” in Vietnamese resulted in “Thói Quen”, leading to the content of the song slightly changing. “I just thought that it might be very interesting to see some more Vietnamese R&B with Vietnamese lyrics,” Wren states, “I think my audience might be new to this and so maybe it’s my mission to introduce it in a way that everyone can understand and enjoy.”

Wren Evan’s Musical Journey

Music has always been a constant in Wren Evan’s life, having grown up consuming all types of music. His love for music and creating persisted as he grew up, naturally leading him to pursue a career in music. “Just the joy in making music, the whole creative process...The journey to produce a track has always made me feel alive and useful, I guess,” Wren divulges. He unveiled his unique creative process entailing of making beats and instrumentals every day. “Since the beats are pre-made, I freestyle until all the ideas click,” he states, “For “Baby With You,” it was a similar process. I made the beat and wrote my part along with the hook. The vocals are then recorded in my home studio.”

Although he had been creating music for years, he made his official debut as an artist in 2021. Since then, he has dropped numerous singles, with his most popular one being his 2021 release, “Thích Em Hơi Nhiều”, which has over 12 million streams on Spotify. Wren Evans captivates his listeners with his natural musical talent and versatility along with his personality, which is highlighted in his discography. “In everyday life, I’m chill. I don’t talk much and people might get the wrong idea that I’m distant,” Wren admits, “In music, it’s very much the opposite. I’m funky, edgy, vulnerable, honest, and straightforward.” From dabbling in Bossa-Pop with“Thích Em Hơi Nhiều”, Disco with “Gặp May”, Funk with “Cơn Đau”, and now R&B with “Baby With You”, he doesn’t want to limit himself to one genre. 

Wren divulged that he wants to try various genres such as Hyperpop, Drill, Techno, VinaHouse, AfroBeats, Reggaeton, CityPop, and French House. His recent collaboration with longtime friend and fellow Vietnamese artist, Daisy, earlier this year on the song “Vàng” showed a new side of his artistry. Wren mentioned, “We tried making it about our cultural settings, and where we’re from. Bolero was the intermediate, it was the perfect bridge to the rest of the song…and we’ve decided to fuse it with hip hop.”

Wren finds inspiration from several different outlets. He conveyed his admiration for his latest inspirations, Pharrell Williams and Tyler the Creator, stating, "They have been effortlessly themselves and it shows through their music, production, visuals. I admire that from them. They are smart, resilient, and creative. I think that’s what I’m attracted to.” Additionally, he draws from new experiences and new people from different fields and backgrounds, especially chefs. He especially finds parallels in music and cooking, as both chefs and artists believe that their creation has the ability to bring people joy.

However, his musical journey hasn’t always been easy. Wren revealed his biggest concern is his health. “Staying healthy is definitely a challenge for me and I’ve honestly lost pounds around this time,” he states, “But it’s also around this time that I get to do more therapy and self-check. I’m slowly getting back to a more balanced lifestyle.” When he’s in a rut, he thinks about his listeners and fans, saying “The look in people’s eyes when they first hear a demo. The audience, the fans, people who listen to my music on a daily basis, have always been, to me, a huge motivation.”

Moving Forward

Wren Evans revealed that he will be dropping a lot more music in the future, along with his first EP. “This EP is really personal and I hope that my audience could feel it and connect. The EP was a lot of trials and errors, but that’s also why the final product feels perfect to me. I stand behind the production of each and every song so I feel like all of me is in it.” His message to his fans is “I love y’all very much, and I mean it. I appreciate every single listen coming from you guys.”

You can find Wren Evans on Instagram and Spotify. You can all listen to Baby With You on Apple Music, Spotify, and other streaming platforms now. Thank you to Wren Evans for the interview. We look forward to seeing more from him in the future!

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