Interview with 1on1 Events/BTS UK Army Unite the UK Kpop Party Experts

As someone who’s been ARMY for a short period of time, within the first year I’ve experienced so many beautiful things. I’ve met many new crazy friends that have led us to have incredibly funny nights out.

The U.K. holds many events for not only ARMY but fans of K-pop in general. The most iconic nights are organized by 1on1 events. Their club night range from various acts with the BTS club nights consisting of FOUR hours of nothing but BTS back to back. The recent addition to their events was Stray Kids which was a sold-out success. So I got to sit down and talk to the wonderful people behind the events. Kayleigh CEO of the 1on1 Events, and Hannah one of the Co-Founding admins BTS UK ARMY UNITE.

So for those who haven’t attended 1on1 Events, how did you get started, and how did you and BTSUKARMYUNITE meet?

(Kayleigh): Starting 1on1 was actually a very spontaneous idea. I, myself, have been listening to KPOP since 2015 and have actively been in the UK community since that time. I started 1on1 in 2018 when I really wanted to attend a New Years' KPOP party to bring in 2019 with my favorite music. There wasn't one happening so I decided to host one! It really built from there. We're now a company where we find events that people would enjoy but don't have in the UK, and host them, sticking to that original goal I had in 2018 of filling the gaps.

As for our friendship and partnership with BTSUKARMYUNITE, I have been friends with the team since 1st September 2017, when we met at the KARD concert in London. I truly love the way the team continues to represent ARMY and the UK KPOP community, and it's always fun working with them!

The BTS club nights are full of so much fun and a chance for armys to get together. For all of you, what's your favourite part of the whole night?

Kayleigh: My favorite part of the night is always the last few songs. The crowd turns their flashlights on and sings "Mikrokosmos", "Magic Shop", and "Young Forever." Watching the phone lights from the stage and feeling the emotion and love every ARMY in the room has for each other and BTS nothing can compare.

Hannah (BTS UK ARMY UNITE): My favourite part of the night is the same. That moment when we get to those last songs when everyone has their phone lights on. It's so beautiful to watch from the stage and it feels like being back at a BTS concert. Also partying in the crowd with ARMY, especially when a song comes on that everyone knows the word for word and it goes hard! ("Daechwita's" definitely a UK fan favourite).

How do you plan an event from start to finish and roughly how long does it take?

Kayleigh: It really depends on the event but, on average, it takes about 3 weeks. The process is different for each event!

Out of all the events you’ve put on, what’s been your favourite memory/night to date?

Kayleigh: I honestly have too many to list! One of the memories that always sticks out in my mind though, was our unofficial Eric Nam afterparty in 2019. Eric Nam's backup dancers swung by unannounced to the club and we were all super shocked! Getting to watch people dance with them and have their own personal, unexpected VIP experience, is definitely a 1on1 moment I will never forget.

Hannah: I think it would have to be the collective experience of getting to meet new fans along the way. Everyone is here for the same thing and it's so easy to get talking to someone new. The 9th anniversary night was so special and the vibes were electric, I can't wait to see what happens as we grow over the next year.

Let’s talk about our fave topic: BTS, how did you all find them, and what made you gravitate towards them in particular?

Kayleigh: I found BTS accidentally in 2015 via YouTube autoplay. "I Need U" was on the list to play and, halfway through the song, I thought to myself "Wait, what language is this?" I liked it, added them to my iTunes, and then forgot about them entirely. Skip forward 5 or so months and I was nudged by a friend to remember them in my library and between us, it was a deep dive into Kpop from there!

Hannah: I think my first encounter with them was when I watched the "We Are Bulletproof Pt.2" music video on the 1theK YouTube channel (I think it was still called LEON at the time). That was my source of new Kpop music and they just immediately stood out to me. I had to know more and quickly found the Bangtan Bombs, and we all know how addicting it is from there! When "N.O." came out that really solidified me as an ARMY. From there it's history!

If you could choose just one BTS album to listen to. What one would it be and why?

Kayleigh: Ooh good question, I think Love Yourself: Tear but Map of the Soul:7 and Dark & Wild are up there as honorable mentions!

Hannah: I think, if I cheat a bit here, it would be between compilation albums Young Forever or Proof. Aside from those, that's a difficult question! Based on my current mood I'll go with Love Yourself: Answer.

With chapter two in full swing, what’s been your favourite music release or merch drop so far? And whose solo music are you most looking forward to next?

Kayleigh: Whilst writing this answer, I have to say, "Astronaut." Jack in the Box has me repeating every track constantly (and I will be for the rest of time!) and the photobooks are stunning, but Astronaut holds so much meaning for ARMY. Every listen feels like a warm moment in time.

Hannah: I would have to say Jack in the Box! This album has had me in a grip ever since it came out. "Equal Sign" is my most-played song this year. I love how every release this year has something completely different for me to enjoy, even more so than before.

How did you initially get into K-pop?

Kayleigh: I've really never been a person to do things in halves. Once BTS had my attention, I absolutely needed to know more. I started listening to GOT7, DAY6, EXO, then Red Velvet, TWICE, and Block B I had a full playlist and a head full of new names in no time!

Hannah: For me, I got into Kpop initially in 2012, about a month before "Gangnam Style" blew up, so that was a very special time for the history of Kpop. I was into many different groups at that time and listened to everything! Of course, nowadays it's harder to keep up with all the artists. But I certainly still have some that I keep coming back to when I'm not completely distracted by BTS.

You’ve recently started Stray Kids club nights too, how has the reception been with those, and do you plan to bring any other Group nights in the future?

Kayleigh: The reception has been truly amazing. The energy is always so high on these nights and STAY is so lovely to party with! We've sold out of all of our nights so far and it's been so much fun to see. We're all very excited to continue making memories with STAY. In terms of more nights? We definitely want to continue with other groups, so keep an eye on our page for more updates!

With so much success with these events and fans loving them, what would be the next dream step with future events?

Kayleigh: Honestly, our club night dream? Having one of the artists attend (laughs) But truly, the whole team is really just happy seeing so many excited fans. There are goals we have and the future of 1on1 is big but, at the moment at all our events, it really just comes down to looking out at the people who have come together to support Kpop, and being truly grateful. We are all Kpop fans at heart and being able to create these amazing memories with other fans in a safe and happy environment? That's our forever goal.

Hannah: I think our next big goal for us would be to have more club nights around the UK. We know that UK ARMY are very keen on having their own BTS club night in their location area and we really hope to fulfill that. Oh and we also can't wait to see what we can achieve for our 10th-anniversary celebrations and beyond! We have a lot of ideas!

Finally, is there anything else you'd like to mention?

Kayleigh: I'd like to send a personal thank you out to anyone who has ever attended a 1on1 Events event. Every single person means the world to the team and me, and we hope you enjoyed it! And thank you to Kirsty for this lovely interview, we loved answering all the Qs!

Hannah: Thank you so much to everyone who has supported us, and it really does warm my heart to see people having a good time at our events. We hope we can continue improving ourselves and be there for ARMY as our community gets stronger!

December 10th sees the next BTS club night with few remaining tickets here. Follow both 1on1eventsfor all the best K-pop events and BTSUK army nite for all the latest on BTS and UK army events.

Be sure to stick around @KpopWise for more updates on all your favorite Kpop artists and idols!

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