Jungkook (BTS) Spreads Joy with Music Video for New Single "Dreamers" Featuring Fahad Al Kubaisi

Jungkook (BTS) Spreads Joy with Music Video for New Single "Dreamers" Featuring Fahad Al Kubaisi


Golden maknae of BTS Jeon Jungkook has released a new music video to accompany the brand new single “Dreamers.” The video released November 22nd at 9 pm KST reflects the message transcending through the single. The video boasts impressive visuals, choreography, and bursts of color. Street scenes surrounded by dancers and local people are reminiscent of Michael Jackson's “They Dont Care About Us” Brazilian music video. 

The song is an inspirational and motivational track sung in English and features Qatari singer Fahad Al Kubaisi. Opening lines have Arabic tones and lead to an uplifting chorus.

“Look who we are, we are the dreamers, We make it happen, ’cause we believe it. Look who we are, we are the dreamers. We make it happen ’cause we can see it.”


“Dreamers” was released on November 20th November 12 pm KST as part of the Fifa World Cup Qatar official soundtrack. Jungkook debuted the brand new track during the opening ceremony in Qatar on 20th November at 11:40 am KST. The performance saw a barrage of dancers from all over the world joining Jungkook, and singer Fahad Al Kubaisi onstage harmonizing together.

Reaching chart success quickly, reaching over 102 number ones across Itunes. The solo debut stage followed after the success of fellow BTS members Jin (Argentina) and J-Hope (Lollapoolza.)

The track is available to buy on Itunes, stream on Spotify and watch on Youtube. Be sure to stick around @KpopWise for more updates on all your favorite K-pop artists and idols!

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