KARA Interview on First Comeback in 7 Years - Happy and Overwhelmed


Group KARA has made a comeback after seven years!

Kara released their special album "MOVE AGAIN" through various music sites at 6 p.m. KST on November 29 and started activities for its title song "When I Move." Notably, the group shared their first performance of the song "When I Move" at the 2022 MAMA Awards

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Ahead of the new release on November 29, KARA did an interview with CBS. Find out what they think about their latest comeback.


"WHEN I MOVE" was written and composed by member Kang Ji-young, and member Nicole wrote Korean lyrics. Millennial-style arrangements are attractive, and Kara's powerful vocals are added to the intense rhythm toward the second half, giving it an addictive feeling to keep listening.

The following is an interview with Kara, who is releasing a full-length album after about seven and a half years.

Q. It is the first full-length album in about seven and a half years since the seventh mini-album "In Love" released in May 2015. I think it's going to be a special feeling for this comeback.

A. Seung-yeon: I thought it was almost impossible. I thought we should do something that we can do even if it's a small thing, but we came this far. I'm so thankful, and I'm sad that there were so many happy moments. I still can't believe it. I'm so proud of our members and fans.

Nicole: I think it's a more meaningful album for the members because we didn't pay attention to collecting songs, the direction of the album, and the master work. Since we had a break, we wanted to give our fans a better album. That's how much I'm curious about the reaction, and I want to show you the performance as soon as possible.

Above all, I'm glad that the fans who waited for a long time responded so well. We'll show you how much we've grown and improved on stage!

Young-ji: Every day is happy and overwhelming. Please love KARA's "WHEN I MOVE" a lot!

Jiyoung: It's been about nine years since Nicole and I greeted each other as Kara. It feels like I'm back home It's a subtle feeling of awkwardness and stability to be on stage again!

Q. Please briefly introduce your special album "MOVE AGAIN". What's different from the previous KARA albums? 

A: Continuing on from 'Growing Idol', I think I'll be able to show you a more developed side of Kara this time. I wanted to show you a new challenge, not just the old one.

We focused on the word "MOVE". "MOVE AGAIN" has the meaning of moving once again, and "WHEN I MOVE" has the meaning that we can still move the hearts of the public and the fans on stage.

It's an album that I made with the heart of showing KARA's songs, dances, and performances that many people loved, like the album name. Above all, since it is the 15th anniversary album, the members produced it themselves, hoping that it will be a gift box for the fans.

Young-ji: I thought about what more I could show from the color of KARA that many people think, but I think it's a perfect title! It's full of energy and I think there's a plus trend and coolness in the color of KARA that gives you happiness and fighting.

Jiyoung: There's no place that we didn't touch, such as producing and writing lyrics for this album! I hope all the members especially love the song "Happy Hour" for the fans who participated in the lyrics

Q. Describe the concept or charm of the special album "MOVE AGAIN" in one word What is the reason?

A. SY: Concept master. We go back and forth with different concepts. I think the members did a great job with these concepts. Stage manners and vocal aspects.

Young-ji: I'm falling for it. You'll fall in love with it once you listen to it.

Q. If there's a point or point dance move for the title song, "WHEN I MOVE",

A Seung-yeon: The variety of the stage. The stage, which was filled mainly with members, is composed of attractions as the dancers are together this time.

Nicole: Before we start the chorus, there's a movement where you tap your head left and right. It's a simple but attractive movement for eye processing. I think it's charming to be able to focus with small movements.

There's a 'headache headache dance' Seungyeon named it and I think it's a perfect match.

Q. The first track "Happy Hour" is a fan song in which all members participated in the lyrics. Where did you get your inspiration from, and if you had to pick your favorite lyrics.

A. Seung-yeon: I added the lyrics of 'Rock U', which was the new beginning of KARA. It fits well with the content, and it became a meaningful song over our long time. The five of us wrote lyrics separately and worked together, and we were able to harmonize well because we wrote the lyrics with the same mind.

Nicole: I'm actually very inspired by American dramas and movies. The theme was "I don't know when this precious time will end, but let's do our best in that time and stay happy." I like the "I'll Call You Out Loud" part! I think it's because we call out the names of our fans and we want our fans to call us.

Young-ji: 'Memories Are Like Constellations' is the original lyrics of 'Rock U', but it was so pretty when I wrote that part. I think the big point is that I wrote the lyrics thinking only about the fans.

JY: The lyrics of 'Memories Are Like Constellations' Seungyeon wrote it for me. The lyrics are more special because it's my part in my debut song, "Rock U". Each member wrote down what they wanted to say to the fans. I hope you can feel my sincerity!

Q. Through this promotion, I want to show KARA.

A Seung-yeon: We really became wonderful people. I wanted to let you know that I really cherish the fans.

Nicole: I think it's an opportunity for us to show our charms that we've gotten cooler and more mature over time. We want to show that we are still the proud artists of our fans.

Gyuri: Since it's been a long time since I've been on stage, I want to show the members' growth progressive and skillful skills together.

Young-ji: Thank you for waiting for us and thank you for always being with us. But actually, I can't convey all of this in fact.... (Heart)

Jiyoung: I think it'll be good if you watch it as it is. All the members have been waiting for this moment. We'll work hard to sing and dance on stage, so I hope you enjoy it with us.

Q. Please say a word to Camilia who support and cherish KARA.

Thank you so much for your constant love and support for a long time. Thanks to our fans, we can't say thank you enough to spend this precious time again. If it weren't for the fans, we wouldn't have come this far. Even when I couldn't believe in myself, all these dreamlike things were possible thanks to the fans who believed in me and supported me. I will work hard so that I can live longer and give good energy to the fans. I love you.

Hello Camilla, this is Youngji. I'm full of things I'm lacking, but I'm spending happy days with my sisters and Jiyoung as I learn from day by day. I'm so thankful and happy to be able to show you this great album. Let's meet more excitedly and happily during our promotions. I love you.

Jiyoung: Thank you more for saying that you waited and thank me for coming back. This activity will end in an instant, but I will not forget to thank you every moment and sing. Thank you!


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