P1Harmony Release 5th Mini Album and Performs BACK DOWN on The Kelly Clarkson Show

P1Harmony released the 6-track mini album, “Harmony: Set In on November 30 (((listen on Spotify & Apple Music))! 

Harmony: Set In” highlights a new, edgy yet groovy sound from the band while maintaining their signature harmonizing and powerful, anthemic raps. The mini-album opens with the lead single “Back Down” that arrives alongside a highly energetic and colorful music video where the group takes-over a post-apocalyptic New York City.

The fifth mini album begins with their new single “Back Down,” which the 6-member band debuted yesterday on The Kelly Clarkson Show.

Tracks like “Secret Sauce” and “One And Only” emphasize P1Harmony’s undeniable coolness, while also introducing a more sensual side that juxtaposes their playfulness on tracks like “BFF (Best Friends Forever).” “태양을 삼킨 아이 (Look At Me Now)” plays with electric sounds and“배낭여행 (Better Together)” closes out the album on a slowed-down, more emotional note.

“The mood of this album varies with each song,” Jongseob explains, “so it’s difficult to identify it with a single genre or description. There are many different feelings and points of view conveyed.” In regard to the album tracks, Theo also shares that “the B-side songs on this mini-album are especially strong.” When describing the visuals of this album, Keeho noted that, “the visuals for this album are more colorful and diverse than the previous albums. The concepts for our outfits, and the vibe and mood are all different, so I think you can feel something new with each look.” The members are particularly excited about the visuals for this mini-album with Keeho additionally sharing his love for the styling, “It’s fancy and sophisticated, and above all, it contains a lot of the young energy and charm of P1Harmony.” Intak also loves these outfits because “They’re free-spirited and hip, and they really help lighten up the mood of this album.”

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